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 A Biased Guide to Temperature Control -- An article that compares different techniques for controlling water temperature in photographic darkrooms.
 Agfa APX 25 vs. Kodak Technical Pan -- Comparison of two very fine grained black and white films.
 AgfaNet: Black and White Lab Course -- Online training course on how to develop black and white films. Includes some advanced topics.
 Black and White Darkroom -- Comprehensive information on darkroom setup, chemicals, equipment, techniques, tips, and safety considerations.
 Black and White Developing Chart -- A 1997 chart that gives times and temperatures for various b&w developers and films.
 Black and White World -- Advanced techniques, beginners guide, forums, extensive FAQ's.
 Chemistry of the Photographic Process -- Brief description of the processing steps to develop a color negative in a minilab.
 Cicada: Darkroom Formulas, Labels and Signs -- Includes printable formula sheets and labels for darkrooms.
 Claudio Bonavolta's Photography Page -- Information on photography equipment, darkroom techniques. Also contains travel photographs.
 Contrast Masking - The LightRoom -- How to use contrast masking to capture as much of the dynamic range of the original scene as possible.
 Darkroom by Chris Bitmead -- Information on enlargers, printing, processing, and building a darkroom.
 Darkroom Design -- Kodak's section on designing an amateur's darkroom.
 Darkroom Hazards -- SafetyLine article on chemical and ventilation hazards in darkrooms.
 Darkroom Health and Safety Guidelines -- Student handout for darkroom safety procedures in clean printable format.
 Darkroom Pro -- Features information on the processes, materials and goals of the photographer who needs to process their own materials for both quality control and archival stability.
 Developing Tank -- Instructions on how to build a durable developing tank from ABS plastic pipe.
 Do It Yourself -- Mason Resnick's article on the benefits of doing your own printing. From the Black and White World site.
 Dust and Spotting -- Article on removing and avoiding dust and spots on prints.
 Film and Developer Test -- Side by side visual comparisons of black and white films developed in various developers.
 Glossary of Common Printing Terms -- From the LightRoom site, explanations of common photographic terms.
 Guide to Black and White Photography -- Contains information on darkroom chemistry, film developing, printing, alternative processes, and the Zone System.
 Handmade Photographic Images -- This site contains methods and techniques, plus a gallery. Devoted to infrared, pinhole, and alternative process photography.
 How Safe Is Your Safelight? -- Facts about safelights; a page of information from Kodak.
 Ilfochrome Classic -- One page of information about this color print material. From the LightRoom site.
 Ilford: Black and White Products -- Technical data sheets for each of Ilford's black and white film, paper, and chemistry products, in Adobe PDF format.
 Interesting Photo Posts -- Useful Usenet articles, web articles and sites are indexed here. All Usenet articles are stored locally to speed access.
 Introduction to The Black and White Darkroom -- Jerry Sparrow's article covering the basics of black and white darkroom setup and photo printing.
 Kaiser Enlargers -- Bob Meier's review in PHOTO Techniques Magazine of Kaiser enlargers.
 KODAK Chemicals, Process E-6 -- Detailed technical manual for Kodak E6 processing aimed at professionals
 KODAK Chemicals: Processing Manuals Index -- Publications that describe how to use KODAK Chemicals in photofinishing labs, professional finishing labs, motion picture labs and minilabs, available in .pdf format.
 Kodak Developer D-76: Tech Pub J-78 -- Technical manual for Kodak D-76 black and white developer. Lists times, temperatures and procedures for using this time tested developer.
 Kodak Films Menu -- Index of links to all Kodak's film information pages.
 KODAK Photochemical Information and FAQs -- Information and FAQ's for Kodak's photo chemicals
 Kodak Professional: Black and White Films -- Technical manuals for all Kodak black and white films.
 Kodak Professional: Photographic Chemicals -- Contains detailed information on all Kodak photographic chemicals. Information for both color and black and white chemicals.
 KODAK: Cross-Processing Color Negative Films in Process E-6: Tech Pub CIS-184 -- Resource and technical information on processing color negative films in E6 chemistry aimed at professionals
 Kodak: Preparing Smaller Batches of Processing Chemicals -- Technical manual by Kodak on mixing smaller amounts of chemicals. Good resource for home darkrooms.
 Kodak: Simplified Metric Conversion Tables -- Metric conversion tables. A must have for all darkrooms. Printable format for easy use.
 Kodak: T-MAX Developers -- Technical manual for T-Max developers including times, temperatures, and recommended procedures for developing black and white films.
 Kodak: Teaching Basic Darkroom Techniques -- Resource for students and teachers covering the step by step procedures for basic darkroom techniques.
 Kodak: Toning Black and White Materials -- Technical manual for toning black and white prints with Kodak toners.
 Lloyd Erlick: Technical Articles -- A large collection of articles for darkroom techniques.
 Philips Tri-One Enlarger -- Information on Philips enlargers and their Tri-One additive color printing system.
 Photo Chemistry Formulas -- Database of photographic chemistry formulas and raw chemicals used in photography. Most chemical entries include CAS numbers, structural formulas and links to external chemistry databases, as well as comments about their use for photographic purposes.
 Potassium Ferricyanide: Fantastic or Frustrating? -- Demystifying this processing additive.
 Rec.Photo.Darkroom FAQ -- FAQ for this Usenet newsgroup.
 Rockland Colloid -- Information on the combination of new and old techniques to produce many new types of photographic prints.
 Rodolfo Namias Group: Old Photographic Techniques -- Details old printing processes that give results unobtainable on silver-bromide papers. Includes gallery showing technique examples, information about exhibitions, and available courses.
 Silverlight Photography Tutorials -- Photography darkroom tutorials and resources.
 Sun Spot Photography -- Offers comprehensive information on darkrooms, chemistry, developing, printing, and many other photography related topics.
 Teaching Basic Darkroom Techniques -- Kodak site giving twelve lessons plans for teaching basic black and white darkroom procedures.
 Technical Information Sheets -- Index to technical information sheets on chemicals, film, and papers from various manufacturers. Displayed in PDF format.
 The Art of Handcoloring -- Ana Brandt talks with us about the art form and shares valuable hints and tips for getting started.
 The Bulk Loading FAQ -- Step by step instructions on bulk reloading of films.
 The Eclectic Photography Resource -- Index to J.A. Ollinger's many articles about and for darkroom users.
 The Light Factory -- Online exhibits, classes in photography, and several articles on alternative processes.
 The Photographic and Chemistry Collection -- Technical information, chemicals and formulae for processing monochrome film. Also has picture galleries and links.
 The Zone System -- History and technical description of the zone method of controlling image quality. Examples of work produced with the system, further reading and biography of the siteowner.
 Tim Kemp: Photographic -- Advice and tips on developing photographs and picture taking.
 Welcome to my Darkroom -- Photos and information about how this darkroom was built. Doug Bardell.
 Why Black and White? -- Wendy Folse's article on the advantages of black and white photography and its implications in the darkroom.
 Zone System: Table of Contents -- Comprehensive tutorial on the Zone System. Multiple chapters and examples.

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