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Identity theft and check fraud are nothing new. However with the increasing popularity of the internet they have been on the rise. Becoming educated and aware will help lessen the chances of you falling victim to these scams.

Although we actively screens for fraudulent postings and takes proactive action by removing the postings and reporting the fraud to the proper agencies, we are a free information exchange board. It is YOUR responsibility to perform all due diligence with any potential buyer or seller.

The following topics below will assist you in being informed, aware, and performing due diligence with any potential buyer or seller: 

  • Be wary of foreign buyers offering cashier's checks

  • Be especially wary if the buyer wants to send a check for more than the asking price. The scammer will then usually ask the seller to wire the excess money to a bogus shipping company. Once the fake check is caught, that money is gone and the bank will take it out of the seller's accounts.

  • If you receive a cashier's check contact the issuing bank to verify its authenticity. DO NOT use the number on the check as that may only put you in touch with the scammers. Find the issuing bank through the internet or directory assistance and call them directly.

  • If you insist on depositing the cashier's check, then ask your bank to put a hold on it until it clears 100%. This can take two weeks in some cases, but if a fake is caught you have not lost any money.

  • Most emails used by the scam artists are very similar because they may try to scam several people at once. Go online and use a search engine such as Google to search key words, names, addresses and phone numbers provided in emails from the "buyer." They may appear in messages posted by people who have already been scammed by the same "buyer."

  • Search the FDIC Alerts to see if the financial institution listed on the cashier's check has had it's check counterfeited before.

If you suspect that an ad is a scam please contact us immediately.

Also, these websites FDIC Special Alert, FDIC Special Report On Fraud, FDIC Report On Common Cons, and are excellent resources for additional information such as what to do if you suspect you've been scammed.

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