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 Abelardo Morell's Photography -- Pinhole camera obscura photographer Abelardo Morell's site provides images of his work, links to interviews, publications and exhibits.
 Ambrosini, Dario -- Travel and landscape color pinhole photographs by D. Ambrosini and G. Schirripa Spagnolo.
 Arnott, Bob - Abstruse Pinhole Photography -- A collection of pin hole photographs that I have taken with various cameras and in various locations around the world.
 Barber, Craig J - Platinum Pinhole Photographs -- Cultural landscape photographs of Viet Nam, Cuba, Italy, New York, SE Asia, England & the American West
 Barton, Diane Dobson - Barton Studio -- Pinhole books, Images and Fine Art.
 Bloomfield, Diana Hooper - The Midway -- On-line exhibition of 'The Midway' series of pinhole platinum/palladium photographic prints by Diana Hooper Bloomfield.
 Bottero, Roby - Utopie Urbane -- Black and white pinhole photos by Roberto Bottero.
 Buckley, Angie -- Contemporary photographer using a pinhole camera to explore how habits, stories and traditions handed down shaped the cultural identities and personal histories of individuals.
 Bullis, Larry -- Pinhole photography of Larry Bullis, including 'Daffodil Motel', the image used on the cover of Eric Renner's book 'Pinhole Photography: Rediscovering a Historic Technique'.
 Burke, Valerie - Dancing with the Sun -- An on-line exhibition of pinhole photographs by Valerie Burke, from her 'dancing with the sun' series.
 Casado, Joaguin - Casado Pinhole -- Handmade pinhole cameras for sale.
 Conrad, Ben - Pinhole Camera Suit -- The first (and only?) suit made from pinhole cameras. Includes three sets of multiple images made from the suit, created and used by Ben Conrad.
 Coussy, Christophe - site d?? la camera obscura -- Labo4 devoile les travaux photographiques de Christophe Coussy qui privilegie l'antique camera obscura et le st?p?
 Davis, Leslie - Pinhole Photography -- Over 90 pinhole photographs of Leslie Davis. The photographs are divided into 6 categories: industrial landscape, abstract, environment, railways, playgrounds and color
 DeLaCube -- DeLaCube is a photographer, composing art in time and place. Includes color, panoramic pinhole images.
 Eelen, Birger - Pinhole Photography -- Pinhole Photography, pictures taken with self-built pinhole cameras. Pictures, camera's, extra information
 Fahy, Mary -- Commercial and Fine Art Pinhole images created by Mary Fahy at Pinhole Studio.
 Foote, Steve - Pinhole Photographs -- Decorative, surreal nature photography, landscapes, seascapes, and artistic nudes. Visitors to the site can download free computer wallpaper.
 Francis, Don - b l u e p r i n t s -- Black and white pinhole photographs by Don Francis.
 Gaskins, Richard -- Richard Gaskins unique archival color pinhole photographs of flowers and figures resemble paintings. Mural size one-of-a-kind clich* verre images are created with a handmade camera.
 Glorieux, Guy -- Straight, digital, and softly focused, color pinhole photography.
 Glorieux, Guy - "fragments... dreams..." -- Exhibition of 17 pinhole photographs by Guy Glorieux, using handheld exposures with a pinhole camera, processed with silver chlorobromide emulsions in lithographic developer.
 Hagemann, Matthias - boX-o-cam - Berlin Holemade Photography -- Black and white pinhole photographies from Berlin, Sevilla and other locations. Experimental works and a calendar.
 Hayashi, Toshihiro - Art Photographic -- Fine art gallery of black & white photos taken with both home-made pinhole cameras and conventional cameras. Includes landscapes from the bay-area near Tokyo (Funabashi), Alaska, and the people of Brazil.
 Hayashi, Toshihiro - Art Photographic Toshihiro's Gallery -- Black and white fine art photographs taken with pinhole and ordinary cameras: landscapes, towns, people in Japan. PLus instructions in making a pinhole camera (Japanese).
 Ide, Reed -- Color and black and white pinhole photos taken by Reed Ide in Amsterdam, New York, and Windsor, New Hampshire.
 Iversen, Gitte -- Fine art photography with hand colored black & white pictures and pinhole color pictures.
 Johnston, Lisa - New Mexico Pinholes -- The sacred beauty of these ancient places I have photographed can scarcely be translated, but perhaps their intrigue may be visually interpreted through the pinhole photography.
 Johnston, Lisa - Urban Anthropology -- A pinhole photographic documentary analysis examining conditions of contemporary urban environments. The circumstances of urban society is scrutinized through pinhole photography.
 Jonas, Kein - Camera Obscura -- b/w and color pinhole photos with description for making a camera.
 Jones, Peggy - Pinhole Photography Digital Art -- Artist Peggy Jones' pinhole photography and hand-made cameras, including information on the 'Pinhole to pixel' interactive CD-ROM.
 Kapoor, Jan - LightWorks -- Combines pinhole and alternative photo processes. Contains sample images.
 Karhof, Bob -- Multiple-image panoramic color photos made with a pinhole camera.
 Kellar, James -- Includes images made by pinhole, toy (plastic), and conventional cameras.
 Kemp, Gregg D -- Portfolio of the visual art of Gregg D Kemp, including pinhole photography.
 Lacomba, Gabriel -- Black and white and color pinhole photos burried deep within a graphics-intensive site
 Land? Reilika - photo portfolio -- Fine Art Portfolio, Pinhole and lens photos by Reilika Land?
 Legrandi, Mac - Wonderful World of Pinhole -- Color images taken by Mac Legrandi using a homemade 4 x 10 convex panoramic camera.
 Levinson, Edward -- Personal web site of Edward Levinson, specializing in fine art and editorial pinhole photography.
 Levinson, Edward - Cityscapes -- Exhibit of black & white fine art pinhole photos by Edward Levinson in the Pinhole Visions Main Gallery.
 Lienkamp, Soeren -- All pictures were taken with 35 mm film cans converted into pinhole cameras.
 Lindsay, Tom - Diagnosis: Cancer -- A journey told and illustrated with pinhole photographs by Tom Lindsay.
 Lindsay, Tom - Pinorama -- Exhibit of panoramic black & white, and color pinhole photos by Tom Lindsay at the Pinhole Visions Main Gallery.
 Mann, Robert -- Personal page of noted professional photographer and photographic printer Robert Mann.
 Mann, Robert - 'window' series -- On-line exhibition of the 'window' series of pinhole photographs by Robert Mann.
 McCormack, Dan - Sing The Body Electric -- Exhibition of manipulated pinhole photographs by Dan McCormack.
 Moroux, Philippe - La Porte d'Aval -- A site dedicated to pinhole photography, kallitype prints, Etretat and to everyone who believes that photography may be a kind of philosophy.
 Norlin, Kurt - GrayWolf Arts -- Color pinhole photos.
 Oehl, Robert and Denise -- Black and white, gold-toned, pinhole photographs by Robert and Denise Oehl from a collaborative self portrait project.
 Paula Campbell Fine Art Photography -- Paula Campbell, a fine art photographer, formerly of Ann Arbor, MI and now located in Oak Ridge, TN, specializes in pinhole, medium format, and digital photography.
 Photographs of Mark Interrante -- Pinhole and zone plate photographs by Mark Interrante.
 Pinhole International (1998) -- 1998 exhibit of pinhole photos by various international artists at the Lonsdale Gallery in Toronto, Canada.
 Pinhole International 2: Magiae Naturalis -- 1999 exhibit of pinhole photos by various international artists at the Lonsdale Gallery in Toronto, Canada.
 poemograph -- Urban landscape of Tokyo and Chicago (mainly color images, pinhole and Holga).
 Quinnell, Justin - Pinhole photography -- A selection of pinhole photographs by Justin Quinnell and instructions on how to make pinhole cameras.
 Rammel, Hal - RammelWorks -- Black & white pinhole photographs.
 Reeve, Thomas Hudson - Pinhole Papercams -- Pinhole paper cameras photography portfolio of photographer Thomas Hudson Reeve.
 Reeves, Mark - Pinhole Photography -- Pinhole photography by Mark Reeves, including photo galleries, cameras and resources.
 Reyes, A. A. - Pindust World of Visions -- Portfolio of black & white pinhole photographs taken with a Zero 2000 pinhole camera.
 Rockport Harbor -- Rockport Harbor, A Pinhole Experience by Kenneth G. Ransom is the result of a Maine Photographic Workshops project from the fall of 1991. Oatmeal box camera, 8 x 10 black & white images.
 Romero, Howard -- Black and white 'PanScenic' photography and figure studies, some made with pinhole cameras. Includes descriptions of cameras.
 Roth, Marian - "pinhole shack" -- Web exhibit of Marian Roth's 'Dune Shack Pinhole Series' of photographs, taken at Cape Cod, Provincetown, Massachusetts.
 Sabuncu Ahmet S. - Pinhole-Photo -- Color and black & white pinhole photographs, from single and multi-aperture cameras in a variety of formats. Photographs include images of Praha, post-war Bosnia-Herzegovia, Turkish architectural monuments, a solar eclipse, and Portraits.
 Salniker, Steve -- Color and black & white images by Stephen Salniker featured in the ninth Seacoast, NH Photo Gallery.
 Sato, Junichi - microtopographic web -- Japanese fine art photographer Junichi Sato observes invisible boundary lines. Features photo works of pinhole, alternative process, and digital.
 Scott, Wanda -- Black and white pinhole images by Wanda Scott.
 Sheer, Marcia C. -- Kallitype and cyanotype pinhole photographs of Venice, Holland, Grand Canyon and Central Park taken by Marcia C. Sheer (1916-1989).
 Sheer, Marcia C., New York -- An on-line exhibition of pinhole photographs of New York City by the late Marcia C. Sheer(1916 - 1989). Introduction by Anita Chernewski.
 Slepekis, Melissa Joi - "breath, eyes, memory" -- Exhibition of black & white pinhole photographs by Melissa Joi Slepekis.
 Slepekis, Melissa Joi - Pinhole Passions Series -- 'Pinhole Passions' series of black and white pinhole images by Melissa Joi Slepekis.
 Slepekis, Melissa Joi - The Fertility Series -- Black and white pinhole images on the theme of fertility.
 Smith, Claudia - Through the Pinhole -- pinhole polaroids by Claudia Smith
 Strickland, Barnabas -- Large black & white pinhole photos on display at Janer Gallery 81, in New York.
 Tatsuya Ishiguro -- Digital pinhole photography using a Kodak DC3200.
 Thomas, Mike -- Pinhole photography using homemade cameras built of cardboard or wood. I have been making photographs this way since 1973.
 Tommasoni, Lorenzo - Un'altra fotografia. -- A different feeling with photography. The time is never just one moment, it becomes a friend of yours. Pinhole images from an italian 'image catcher' who uses recycled materials to build lensless cameras. Man is again in the middle of the process.
 Tosato, Roberto -- Italian photographer Roberto Tosato, including some images made with a pinhole camera.
 Tosato, Roberto - Haiku -- Pinhole prints are 'a way to spread time on paper'. A tour of hidden Tuscany in twelve pictures taken with a pinhole camera.
 Trubshaw, Bob - Indigo Gallery -- Anamorphic pinhole photographs by Bob Trubshaw.
 Vieira, Ant?? - livinginabox - pinhole photography -- 'livinginabox' explores the boundaries of reality with pinhole photography.
 Vincent, Jerry -- Black & white photos made with diverse cameras, including Bender and modified Hasselblad and 35mm plastic camera.
 Volledal, Per -- A website of alternative and monochrome photography. Features work with pinhole, bromoil, and cyanotype.
 Wolff, Ilan -- Exhibit of mural size pinhole photographs of Ilan Wolff, plus information on his international workshops and exhibition catalog. Very fine work.
 Wolff, Ilan - "WTC" -- An exhibit of fourteen pinhole photographs of the World Trade Center taken by Ilan Wolff in 1987-1988.
 Wornum, Claudia - Electric Mountains -- Exhibition of 'Electric Mountains' pinhole photographs by Claudia Wornum.
 Wright, Willie Anne -- Selections from the Pool series, and Civil War Redux.

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