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 2d to 3d conversion -- Converting a 'flat', standard picture into a 3D stereo image is and art, and Erich is a practitioner of the art.
 3D Aircraft Wallpapers -- Site contains high-quality red-blue anaglyphs of aircraft in flight in 800x600 format.
 3D Conversions From Flat Art -- 2D - 3D Conversions from art including old world masters as well as recent photography.
 3D Down Under -- 3D digital photography service based on the Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia. They are specialise in anaglyph and stereo photography.
 3D Fun -- Facts and hints on 3D photography and printing. Includes sample files and free software for 3D photography and printing on lenticular screens.
 3D Hall of Fame -- Compilation of stereo 3D images from a number of sites.Anaglyph and Stereo Pairs are shown. Jon Grieg, a Burbank CA stereo photographer edits.
 3D Heaven - Glamour -- Color glamour anaglyph 3D of beautiful women (not nude!)
 3d Photography -- For beginners, information by Leo H. Braeutigam. Links.
 3D Photography from Around the World -- Images from many countries. Most photos are JPS format (so pick your viewing mode.)Anaglyph, cross-view, shutter. Learn how to take, view, print and project them. 3D photomicrographs and more as well.
 3D Pictures -- Making the custom lenticular 3D pictures. Book: 'How to make a high quality lenticular 3D photo at home for under $3.5'. Software, lenticular lenses, gallery.
 3D Stereo -- Samples of the work of the Foundation for Remarkable Photography. Include 3D anaglyph art gallery.
 3d-apeiron -- Realistic stereoscopic 2d to 3d conversion for any 3d stereo format, including large format 3d lenticular imaging.
 3dimka -- 3D anaglyph photos of Russian mountains Caucasus and Ukrainian peninsula Crimea.
 3DJournal -- Web magazine about how to make 3D photos, how to create anaglyphs, offer of 3D glasses, software for making 3D, links, and 3D galleries.
 3dquarium -- Comprehensive tutorial and multiple galleries for free viewing stereo pairs. Offers information on obtaining equipment and supplies for using any camera or camcorder to make large true color stereo pairs. Downloads of stereo video are available.
 About Our Invention -- 3D Lenticular Invention creates 3D Lenticular images from a single view. Anything that can be digitized (photos, drawings, paintings, etc.) can be easily converted into a 3D Lenticular image.
 Alpes Stereo -- Big anaglyphic (red/ cyan) 3d images of the Alps, France
 Anaglyph 3D display of Microscopic Images -- Gallery of 3D images by U of Delaware's Roger C. Wagner.Fine anaglyphic display from electron microscopes.
 Anaglyph 3D Natl. Air-Space Mus. Moon -- Smithsonian/Nasa pictures on the moon in high res. anaglyph 3D.
 Anaglyph 3D Stereo Site Directory -- Anachrome 3D Sites. Information on new glasses, 60 color images presented in 'embedded 3D stereo'. Anachrome 3D sites for art museums, cars, aircraft, glamour models.
 Anaglyph-3D by Hines Labs. -- Samples of color anaglyph 3d work, and other formats.Steve Hines, consulting and engineering.
 Another World -- Interesting collection of stereo photos by Joost Bolleman.
 Bens Anaglyph Lens -- How to make instant 3d anaglyphs with camera and attachment. Features 3d anaglyph gallery.
 Bob's 3D Photos -- Stereo 3D anaglyph photography galleries.
 CG Techniques -- Messageboard about lightingtechniques in 3D.
 Charley VanPelt's Lewis & Clark Trail on View-Master -- Offering of special historical Viewmaster series.
 Christian Taeuber's 3D Gallery -- Collection of colour anaglyphs and stereo photo techniques.
 Classic Victorian Stereoscopy -- Lecture to the Royal Society by Professor Charles Wheatstone, later Sir Charles Wheatstone.
 CSU Hayward Gallery of 3D Paintings -- Very interesting use of anaglyph 3D to add depth to the framing of these very famous paintings.
 Depthography's Anaglyph 3D Gallery -- A number of urban architectural anaglyphs in Manhattan. Also conversion to 3D information.
 Didier Leboutte -- 3-D pictures in anaglyphs and cross eyes. Galleries with art, tourism, trains and USSR military airplanes. Home made couples based on shots taken with a normal digital camera.
 Double Exposure -- A visual history of the stereoscope by Del Phillips.
 Dual Moment Stereography -- Several anaglyph galleries created by uniting dual video frames by David Neufer. Astronomy and history anaglyphs included.
 Free 3D Glasses -- To popularize technology of 3D-vision among computer users, company offers free 3D glasses.
 Holography -- Holonet is an independent server about Holography and spatial imagery to exchange information and know how, with emphasis on holography in art and design.
 How to Create Stereo Photos Using a Digital Camera and Image Editor -- Full explanation of how to create 3D black-and-white stereo images that can be viewed using red and green or blue filters or pieces of cellophane. A digital camera isn't really necessary; scanned images would work.
 JRS Design: 7-p Realist conversions. -- Information on changing the Stereo Realist camera to get wide format 7-p (European)images.
 Konstantin's 3D -- Tips and tricks for stereo photographers, and graphic artists, including gallery.
 Kronoma Stereoscopic Imaging -- Stereoscopic image galleries focusing on scenes in and around the San Francisco Bay Area.
 Lentographs of Victor Anderson 3D Studio -- An enthusiast's attempt to be the first to list and describe all of the large lenticular images produced by this company.
 Media 55 Anaglyph Galleries by Phil Brown -- Large Anaglyph 3D Collection spanning 120 years from many countries.Edited by UK stereographer Phil Brown.
 Mike Kersenbrock's Photo 3D -- Information, and examples of 3D stereo photography including cameras, viewers, and images. Includes images from the monthly meetings of the Cascade Stereoscopic Club.
 National Stereoscopic Association -- Official homepage of National Stereoscopic Association (USA). Convention information, magazine: StereoWorld.
 New Vision Technology - Bob Manle-Demo Site -- examples of various stereo 3D techniques in anaglyph, and stereo pairs , also lenticular methods by NVT's Bob Manle.
 Official View-Master Website -- Contains product information and advertising materials.
 PhotoLink Gallery -- 3-D exhibition of nude and figurative portrait photography by Daniel Leighton.
 Ray3D -- Specializing in the production of 3D video and photographic content, and consulting on methods of stereoscopic image presentation and projection.
 RBT 3D Cameras -- Information on ONLY Professional line of stereo cameras made today.
 Starosta: Anaglyph Photos and Computer Graphics Galleries -- Large presentation of anaglyphic and stereo pair 3d photos and graphic creations.
 Stereo 3D Effects for Film & Digital -- Special effects house active in 3D cine and digital applications. Image samples are presented.
 Stereo Photography Bulletin Board -- Active discussions on all aspects of stereo 3D photography.
 Stereo Realist -- 3D stereoscopic photography site, member of International Stereoscopic Union and National Stereoscopic Association. Features images and products.
 Stereogaphs from Museum of Photography UCR -- Part of world's largest 3D stereo pair collection, presented in modern anaglyph (red/cyan) format.
 Stereophotographer's Site -- Anaglyphical photos, articles, software for lenticular images creating, 2D to 3D conversion.
 Stereophotography by Andreas Petersik -- Self-built Nikon EM3D, stereoscope Java applet, stereo pair gallery including anaglyphs and shutter images.
 Stereoscopic 3D Aircraft Image Galleries -- Military and historical aircraft in anaglyph color stereo.
 Stereoscopic 3D Photos and Macros from the Nikon Coolpix -- Nature photos in a thumbnail-gallery. Clear explanation of the cross-eyed viewing method.
 Stereoscopic 3D Web Ring -- A group of web sites that post information relating to stereoscopy, holography, or stereoscopic virtual reality.
 Stereoscopic Society of America -- A discussion list for people interested in stereoscopic photography, especially people that shoot and share their own stereo images via postal folios and the Internet.
 Stereoscopic Visions of War and Empire -- More than 150 stereoscopic photographs of the Spanish-American and Philippine-American wars, presidents McKinley and Roosevelt, and the World's Fairs. -- This is a world-wide compendium site, 300+ links, about 3D photo products, techniques, methods. One of the best for news releases in the field.
 Stereovision Studies at Uni-Bremen Germany -- Outline of studies being conducted at university of Bremen on 3D perception. Dr. Rolf Henkel researcher.
 Sydney Stereo Camera Club Inc -- Australian club interested in stereoscopic photography, stereo cameras, 3D imaging, and general 3D. Photo gallery, newsletters, and host of the Southern Cross exhibition of stereo photography.
 Terry Blackburn Stereographics -- A collection of stereo pairs and anaglyphs featuring a variety of subjects.
 The View-Master Ultimate Reel List -- An online reference work for collectors of View-Master stereophoto reels and packets.
 U R There 3D -- This portal into stereoscopic imaging presents each image in three format options: left and right stereo pairs (for divergent free-viewing), reversed left and right stereo pairs (for convergent cross-eyed viewing) and anaglyph red/blue or red/cyan viewing.
 Xaluvier -- Extensive anaglyph image gallery. Viewers are welcome to submit their own.
 Yahoo! Groups: View-Master -- Mailing list is dedicated to the discussion of View-Master and other 3-D Stereo subjects.

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