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 Allinder, Jan A. and Henson, Deb -- Collection featuring North American wildlife in their natural habitat and scenic places.
 Allofs, Theo -- Wildlife, nature and environmental stock photography, including complete photo stories and fine art prints.
 Baccus, Don -- Landscapes from the western United States, including the deserts, seascapes from Oregon and Washington, and images of waterfowl.
 Basco, Greg -- Rainforest images from Costa Rica, including frogs, insects, birds, flowers, and landscapes.
 Bishop, Russ -- Deserts, mountains, woodland scenes, and wildlife.
 Bowers, Rick and Nora -- Images of birds, butterflies, cacti, mammals, herps, and habitats, mostly from North America.
 Brown, Donald -- Stock images, fine art prints featuring wildlife, adventure, nature, travel, and underwater photography.
 Bulson, Ray -- Scenic images from wilderness areas in the United States and Canada.
 Campbell, Charles -- Flora and landscapes of North America. Also, offering fine art prints, an online shop, information on and products related to an exposure system for color images, and workshops.
 Campbell, Laurie -- Extensive collection of nature and wildlife images from Scotland. Offers full stock list with Latin names included.
 Carver, Larry -- Stock landscape images of mountains, deserts, forests, rivers, and the ocean.
 Cooluris, Jim -- Images of nature and the sea, including landscapes, seascapes, commercial ocean and underwater views.
 Cox, Daniel J. -- Over 120,000 images of wildlife, and natural history in ecosystems from Antarctica to Zaire.
 Crabbe, Gary -- Stock photos of scenic nature landscapes and travel images, specializing in California and the western states. Extended photography of California coast, redwood trees, San Francisco, Yosemite, Sierra, and wine country vineyards.
 Crown, Peter -- Stock photographs of skies, clouds, weather, and sunsets, from the Southwest
 DeJolie, LeRoy -- Large format natural landscapes of the southwest, Navajo Indian land and people. Also offers workshops and prints
 Dennis, Nigel -- Specialized collection of African nature, wildlife, and scenics. Based in South Africa.
 DeSoi, Darren J. -- Animals, including birds, insects, and marine life. Also landscapes, and underwater images.
 Dresser, Eric -- Wildlife and scenic stock photography with over 50,000 images on file.
 Durham, Michael -- Quality nature and wildlife stock photography utilizing traditional, high-speed, and nocturnal camera traps for unique images of nature.
 Ebi, Kevin -- Nature photography from the western United States, particularly the Pacific Northwest and the American Southwest. Includes landscape, mountain and wildlife images.
 Ederegger, Mike and Cindy -- Diverse collection of flora and fauna from the Pacific Northwest.
 Egbert, Rebecca S -- Outdoor & Nature Stock Photography, Landscapes, Waterfalls, Wildflowers, Desert Southwest and The Rocky Mountains. Also sells prints.
 Ellis, Gerry -- Nature, and wildlife photographer. Stock library of images from around the world, photo tips, and travel photography.
 Evers, Dean -- Nature photography for stock and print sales, photo tips, photography products, and other related items.
 Foott , Jeff -- Color landscapes, wildlife, and nature photographs from around the world. Prints available for purchase, and all images available for stock usage.
 Forsberg, Michael -- Color landscape and nature photographs from the Great Plains of the central United States.
 Franz, D. Robert and Lorri -- Wild animals and landscapes from Alaska to Africa. Also, fine-art prints for sale.
 Gardner, A. Blake -- Stock photo collection of National Seashores, Parks, and Wilderness areas. Particular emphasis on images from Florida, Vermont, New England.
 Geredien, Ross -- Wildlife, landscape, and natural history photography from North American Parks, and Preserves.
 Geyer, Don -- Alpine landscapes from the North Cascades, the Sierras, Mount Rainier and the Bugaboos.
 Gildart, Bert -- Color and black & white landscapes, wildlife, Native Americans and travel both domestic and overseas.
 Goodrich, Jay -- Nature and adventure sports photography with a stock file of almost 20,000 images.
 Grabowski, Bob -- Landscape images primarily of the Northeastern United States
 Grosnick, Martin W. -- Animal portraits and scenic images from Alaska and Africa. Also, offering limited edition prints.
 Hakin, Joshua -- Landscape, nature, and wildlife images from Ontario, Canada.
 Hauser, Steffen -- Presents plants, garden, landscape, and wildlife images from Europe.
 Hauth, Christopher -- Scenic wilderness landscape photographs from the Pacific Northwest.
 Herrmann, Richard -- Specializing in marine life, game fish and natural history.
 Hogstrom, Inger -- Stock images of US National Parks, the wilderness of British Columbia, and Costa Rican rainforests.
 holdman, willie -- Landscape and nature images.
 Ingram, Stephen -- Images of plants, landscapes in all seasons, and weather, from deserts to cloud forests.
 James H Egbert Nature Photography -- Outdoor & Nature Photography, Landscapes, Waterfalls, Wildflowers, Desert Southwest and The Rocky Mountains
 Jividen, Barbara & Jerry -- Over 60,000 stock photography images of landscapes, wildlife, and other scenes from across North America.
 Johnston, Don -- Wildlife, landscape, floral and abstract images from North America, with an emphasis on Canadian subjects. Stock library of 50,000 images.
 Jorjorian, Byron -- Nature and wildlife images from around the United States. Primary emphasis on, and based out of the Southeast.
 Kosmider, Brett -- Offers stock images of the environment, travel, landscapes, wildlife, and adventure images from North America.
 Ladage, Kip -- Wildlife and nature photography primarily from the Upper Midwest available as stock photos or prints.
 Ladage, Kip -- Wildlife, landscapes, and images of nature.
 Lee, Jess -- Wildlife and outdoor scenes from the western United States. Also offers photo tips and tours.
 Lee, Sandra -- Offers a wide variety of stock images of nature, wildlife, and rural scense, as well as portraits.
 Ligocki, Lew and Marti -- Specializing in portraits of birds, and mammals in their natural environment. Also, images of insects, zoo animals, wildlife refuges, and National Parks.
 Livingstone, Terry -- Scenic landscapes, wildlife, and flowers.
 Majchrowicz, Alan -- Panoramic and large format landscape photographs from the Pacific Northwest and Canada.
 Majchrowicz, Joseph A. -- Images of landscapes and national parks in the American West and Canada.
 Marriott, John -- Nature, and wildlife images from the Canadian Rockies. Specializing in bears. Tells the stories behind the making of the photos.
 McCarthy, George -- A source for butterflies, amphibians, reptiles, birds, mammals, and fungi from Europe and America. Also, available for commissions and workshops.
 McNulty, Colin -- Nature, wildlife, scenic, and underwater stock photography.
 Meleg, Ethan -- Landscape and wildlife images from National Parks in the United States and Ontario, Canada. Birds are a specialty.
 Memories By Treasure -- This site features stock photography from all across Canada.
 Meredith, David -- Nature, wildlife, and landscape stock photographs.
 Monkman, Jerry, and Marcy -- Stock image topics include environmental issues, wildlife, flowers, and outdoor recreation.
 Mueller, Fritz -- High quality wildlife, landscape and nature images featuring Canada's Yukon and Madagascar, sold as stock, posters and fine prints.
 Muench, David -- Wilderness landscapes, and scenic images of forests, and waterfalls. Prints, stock, and assignment work.
 Nelson, Wayne -- Nature photography, including landscapes, wildlife, abstracts, insects & flowers. Also conducts workshops.
 Niebrugge, Ron -- Specializing in images from Alaska, primarily wildlife and lanscapes, and includes some outdoor recreation, travel and commerce.
 Niell, William -- Large format images of North America, especially Yosemite and other National Parks. Also, sells prints and books.
 Nilsen, A.J. -- Specializes in underwater and natural history photography.
 Oczko, Olaf -- Images of wildlife and nature, mostly from Australia and the western United States.
 Oomen, Paul -- Licensed images and fine art prints of wildlife and scenery.
 Palmer, Matt -- Animal and scenic photos of New England. Also available as fine art prints.
 Pryor, Maresa & Luzier, Winston -- Florida based photographers specializing in flora/fauna, nature and wildlife, landscapes, and travel stock photography.
 Redmer, Mike -- Specializing in amphibians, reptiles, plants, invertebrates, Midwest natural areas, and scenics.
 Regner, Gary -- Presents landscapes, animals and close-ups. Specializing in the wild flowers of central Texas.
 Riebesell, Brian D. -- Scenic wilderness landscapes and details of nature from the Rocky Mountains and Southwest.
 Ripple, Jeff -- Nature and landscape photographs, featuring scenes from Florida.
 Roscoe, Bill -- Outdoor photographic images captured during the travels of Bill Roscoe.
 Rowell, Galen -- Over 350,000 color stock images of the wilderness, and wildlife. Also, prints, photo workshops, and a public gallery.
 Rue, Leonard -- Specializing in wildlife portraits, and behavioral studies. Approximately 400,000 35mm, and 12,000 2-1/4 color transparencies, and over 750,000 black and white prints on file.
 Saunders, Paul -- Photographs of the boreal forest. Subjects covered include wildlife, landscapes, flowers, and man's interaction with the environment.
 Scans, Nancy -- Landscape, nature, and travel.
 Schafer, Kevin -- Landscape and wildlife images from Costa Rica and around the world, including endangered species.
 Sgroi, Sal -- Collected images of natural flora, fauna and landscapes are captured, including seasonal coverage.
 Sheremeta, Rick and Dody -- Stock landscape, nature, and wildlife photographs. Also, prints, notecards, and postcards for sale.
 Simpson, Geoff -- Based in the UK, offers a diverse stock collection of nature subjects including plants, animals, and landscapes.
 Soder, Eric A. -- Wildlife and nature photography, with extensive collections of birds and flowering plants. Stock catalog includes Latin names.
 Spartas, Dale C. -- Specializing in images of North American big game, game birds, scenics, and outdoor recreation, especially hunting and flyfishing. Also has coverage from Africa.
 Stone, Jennifer -- Specializing in adventure, landscape, and travel photography. Prints, stock, and assignment work.
 Strange, Richard -- Digital photography libraries of National Parks, National Monuments, wildlife, landmarks, nature, scenics and landscapes.
 Sweetland, Darryl -- Collection of wildlife images, with an emphasis on reptiles, taken in Thailand.
 Till, Tom -- Specializing in scenic landscapes from Utah. Also, wilderness and travel images from around the world.
 Tilley, David -- Wild animals and natural regions of Newfoundland.
 Tilley, Rob -- Nature and travel photography including wildlife, landscapes, plants, and culture from North America, Japan, Australia and New Zealand.
 Tobin, John -- Scenic, wildlife and outdoor photographs of Alaska. Also, featuring the Chesapeake Bay, the Appalachian Mountains and the Western United States.
 Ulrich, Cary -- Flowers, landscapes and wildlife from national parks in the Western United States.
 Wagner, Richard -- Stock photo collection specializing in raptors, birds, reptiles, venomous animals, medicinal plants, and the Sonoran Desert.
 Ward, George -- Large format wilderness stock photography and fine art prints, including scenics and close-ups, mostly from western North America.
 Ward, Kennan -- Over 100,000 images of wildlife from the Arctic regions to the tropics. Also, wilderness landscapes, and seascapes.
 Watkins, Bill -- Stock nature photography and fine art prints of North American wildlife, landscapes, and outdoor recreation.
 Wattenmaker, Karen -- Nature, wildlife, and outdoor recreation from western US and international locations. Also, an emphasis on forest fires.
 Willcox, Steve -- Color nature stock photography, including landscapes and close ups, for editorial and advertising use. Specializing in areas of Colorado, New Mexico, Utah, Wyoming.
 Williams, Joanne -- Stock images of birds, wildlife, and scenics, especially from Everglades National Park. Also, some Africa images.
 Young, Fred -- Small stock photo collection of National Parks, flowers, mountains, lakes, indian ruins, and deserts.
 Zaretsky, Paul -- Color landscape, and nature photographs, featuring scenes from the Western US, and Central America.

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