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 Sports  Travel and Location

 Adlercreutz, Johan -- Featuring a large variety of dogs. Also, images of Canada, especially British Columbia, boats, sacred places and international travel.
 Ashwin, Dave -- Nature, floral, landscape and glamour photography on 35mm transparency film.
 Baltrusch, Christian -- People, objects, sports, and international travel in color, and black and white.
 Barron, David M. -- Nature and wildlife images, as well as candid photographs of people and places.
 Barrow, Scott -- Presents images of business, lifestyles, industry, transportation and people.
 Bill Irwin Photography -- Photography from various locations including China and Hawaii, and a selection protest photos of the 60s.
 Birdsall, John -- Image library for people and social issues. Also, scenes from Cuba, Spain and India.
 Black, Garry -- Animals, abstract, and travel images of locations throughout Canada as well as Greece. Also, information on his workshops.
 Boyd, Don -- Images of sunset and aircraft, mostly commercial airliner, available for licensing.
 Cang, John -- Source for images of birds, marine mammals, land mammals, nature, landscape, special habitats, people enjoying the outdoors, and Vietnam travel.
 Carney, Deborah -- Stock photography subjects include aerial, floral, landscapes, cityscape, cats, parrots, and New York City.
 Cirenei, Matteo -- Architectural photoarchive. Color, and black and white images of buildings worldwide.
 Clemens, Clint -- Shows samples of his lifestyle, army, sailing, and travel images.
 Cody, Dennie and DK -- Conceptual, lifestyle, people, and travel images from locations around the world.
 Cooke, Richard -- Specializing in civil and military aircraft. Also, offering corporate and journalistic views of landscapes, transport, and action sports.
 Cooper, Greg -- Photography from around the world. Subjects include: nature, landscapes, animals, travel, people, ships, and sports.
 Cooper, Ken -- Technological, industrial, and conceptual images for corporate, and advertising uses.
 Cowham, Jainie -- A library of various images including yachting, scenery, aviation, and architecture.
 Crampton, Steve -- Castles, stately homes, historic house, aviation and military related images, flowers, wildlife and travel photography.
 Cutting, Harry -- Stock photos of people; minorities, children, elderly, families, teens, education, and adults.
 Daigle, Gilles -- Offering a large number of nature, wildlife, sports, culture, environment, and medical topics.
 Davis, Richard, and Campos, Maria de Fatima -- Architectural and industrial images, as well as travel photographs of Brazil, Japan and Africa. Artistic black and white images of women and children.
 Edwards, Greg -- Art work, Photographs and digital art for advertising, and corporate calendars.
 Emmons, George -- Shows samples of his business, conceptual, and people photographs.
 Evans, Peter -- Digital photography nature and wildlife images.
 Fesco, Tamara -- Images of animals, flowers, buildings, and portraits are available, including some digital photographs.
 Fizer, Mike -- Specializing in aircraft and aviation related imagery.
 Forde, Keaton -- Collection of images available on CD-ROM, including animals, aviation, landscapes, people and transportation.
 Forth, Ron -- Samples including travel, still life, people, business, lifestyles, scenics, and environmental images.
 Freeberg, Andy -- Specializing in environmental portraits of business figures, politicians, celebrities, and musicians. Also, corporate, journalistic and fine-art imagery in color, and black and white.
 Freeman, Michael -- Editorial photography, specializing in Asia, reportage, architecture, culture, and religion.
 Freeman, Tina -- Seascapes, and scenes from her homes in Italy, and New Orleans. Also, home interiors, and portraits of well-known people.
 Girard, Michael -- Specializing in black and white portraits of people for commercial, and editorial uses; men, women, children, and newborn infants.
 Goff, D.R. -- Fitness, glamour, and lifestyle images for editorial, or advertising uses.
 Gordon, Anne -- Nature, garden, transport, and people with a focus on Canada. Also, travel images from Europe, Africa, and India, and limited edition prints.
 Haire, Charles -- Portfolio including architecture, concepts, people, illustrative, nature, scenic, and travel images.
 Hargan, Jim -- Travel, scenic, and nature images of the United States and Europe. Offering stock and international assignment work. Based in North Carolina.
 Harp, Ed -- Offers images of wildlife, nature, weddings, portraits, and commercial photography.
 Hattersley, Edward -- Images of Chicago, Illinois, Michigan, Texas, Wisconsin, and the United Kingdom. Also, animals, people and transportation.
 Hauser, Steffen -- Online archive including plant, horticulture, nature, and travel photographs from Germany and Spain. Also, featuring historic gardens and sculptures.
 Heayn, Mark -- Categories include concepts, industrial, business, medical and family, also color, clouds, and seasons. Images are available for download.
 Hill, Douglas -- Images for the architectural, commercial, fine art, and travel industries.
 Hille, Ed -- Travel photographs from around the world, as well as nature, people, and sports.
 Holt, Steven -- Images of wildlife, nature, environmental issues, and industry.
 James, Red -- Street photography of urban, and industrial scenes and details.
 Johnson, Mark A. -- Images available of sports, people, travel and nature.
 Kaluta, Mo -- Wildlife, sports, motorcycle and car photography.
 Karpeles, Kim -- Images for editorial, public relations and corporate users. Also, photos of Chicago, the American Midwest and agricultural subjects. Digital delivery available.
 Kay, James -- Adventure sports and landscape photos from the United States, especially Utah, and around the world.
 Kimball, Ron -- Animal and automobile photography.
 Koch, Birgit and Wolf, Klaus-Peter -- Business, nature, people, and travel pictures from Africa, Asia, Europe, and South America. Wild animals are a specialty.
 Koechling, William -- Artistic, images of people, places, and things in black and white, and color.
 Kross, M?en -- Searchable stock photography including: documentary, reportage, outdoor, and fine art photography.
 Lane, Whitney -- Lifestyle, travel and underwater images for corporations and designers.
 Lauterbach, Philip -- Architectural and still-life stock photography. Dublin-based.
 Lewis, Cindy -- Specializing in images of automobiles; classic, new, American and international.
 Lies, Bill -- Photographs of wildlife, people, and locations from around the world.
 Malette, Carmen -- Stock Library.
 Manning, William -- Travel and nature images from North America, East Africa, and Europe, as well as selected images of outdoor sports. Featuring photographic workshops world wide.
 Marco Ravenna Photographic Archive and Studio -- Offers images of Italian and foreign cultural heritage works and sites, in architecture, interiors, 360-degree photos, panoramic and aerial photos.
 Martin-Raget, Gilles -- Images of the sea and sailing, including racing. Also, a photographic library of Provence, France.
 McConathy, Ron and Sharon -- Animals, plants, birds, butterflies, the Smoky Mountains, patterns, and travel scenes.
 Menashe, Abraham -- Specializing photography for medical, and social service agencies. Children, volunteers, the elderly, rehabilitation, surgery, geriatrics, and the handicapped.
 Mitra, Ranjay -- Nature, Flora, Fauna, Macro, Scenics, Travel, Children and Black and White.
 Murray, John S. -- Specializing in trains, covered bridges, lighthouses, and scenics from the United States and Europe.
 Myers, Tom and Sally -- Sacramento, The West, Ecology and Environment and Wildlife pictures.
 O'Maxfield, Karen -- Portfolio of fine art photographs, and images in private and corporate collections.
 Olesen, Kjeld -- Travel, wildlife, and scientific images from around the world.
 Oltersdorf, Jim -- Images of birds, mammals, airplanes, mountain landscapes, and adventure sports.
 Paras, Michael -- Corporate, conceptual, lifestyle, places, and medical images.
 Payne, Tom -- Stock photography and fine art prints, including subjects: the United States, the Caribbean, and sports.
 Perron, Robert -- Architecture and aerial views of coastal subjects. Photos include home interiors and exteriors, and gardens.
 Peterson, Michele -- Flowers, air shows, military aircraft and submarine images.
 Poe, Steven -- Subjects included are travel, landscapes, people and stock digital photo illustrations.
 Pollack, Seth -- Shows selected photographs of outdoor sports, nature, and travel from North America, Bolivia, and Eastern Europe. Mountaineering and rock climbing are specialties.
 Preston, Louisa -- Animals, lifestyle, underwater, travel stock.
 Prokos, Andrew -- Stock travel and fine arts photographs from New York, Washington DC, Florida, France, Greece, Italy, and Spain.
 Pronin, Anatoly -- Fine art and travel photographs from Europe, the United States, Russia, and Syria.
 Rath, Tony -- Wildlife, and travel images from Central, and North America.
 Reed, Trinette -- Fine art, and commercial, conceptual stock photography. Black and white.
 Resnick, Seth -- Healthcare, lifestyles, technology, and travel stock library.
 Roberts, Sam -- Over 50,000 images, primarily of adventure sports, and the wilderness landscapes. Also includes images of Latin America, and industrial workers.
 Rosenkranz, Duane -- Nature, wildlife, landscapes, industry, transportation, and general stock.
 Silver, Paul -- Architecture, fashion, sports, rock musicians, animals, and outdoor scenic images.
 Skjold, Mary Beran and Steven -- Specializing in people and social issues. Featuring multiple search options and images on CD.
 Skott, Michael -- Images of gardens, food, architecture and interiors.
 Smith, Lawrence W. -- Some scenic images of North America and France. Also, nature, outdoor sports, and conceptual photos.
 Smith, Tony -- Source for all types of photographs from nature and wildlife, to industrial.
 Strassberg, Neil -- Free images of cars, cats, flowers, and travel.
 Stringer, Marcus -- Architectural, lifestyle, people, and landscape imagery.
 Swanson, Bob -- Architectural, corporate, industrial and landscape photography.
 Tang, Gerald -- Displays nature, wildlife, sports, and travel destinations in Africa, China, Costa Rica, and North America.
 Walker, Jessie -- Specializing in home and residential interiors, architecture, gardens, and collections.
 Wassmann, Cliff -- Images of ancient civilizations, tall ships, and marine environments. Featuring landscape and wildlife of Antarctica, Easter Island and Southern California.
 Weber, Michael -- Displays people, sports, nature, travel, and digital art. Images are available as slides, scans or fine-art prints.
 Wendt, Dave -- Showcases trains, aeroplanes, cars, fires, and men at work.
 Whitmer, Jim and Mary -- People in their daily lives, children, teens, adults, and elderly. Also, scenics, travel images and religious motives.
 Wiklund, Bert -- Huge stock of over 125,000 originals including scenery, wildlife, farm scenes, industry, wilderness, international travel.
 Wirtheim, Joe -- Band, Model Portraiture, and Urban Landscapes.
 Wood, Craig -- Industrial, architectural, nature, landscape, lifestyle, and travel image collection, including panoramic views.

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