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 Aites, Edwardo -- Technical information on the cyanotype process. Additional resources for further study as well as examples and information on other alternative processes such as Polaroid Image Transfer.
 Auerbach, Gary -- Large format platinum photography. Portraiture, cityscapes, and Polaroid image transfers. Virtual Gallery, articles, how-to's, and links. Commissioned portraiture. Located in Old Hacienda Resort in Tucson Arizona.
 Baca, Elena -- Gumoil photography and mixed media photography. Artist info, process information, and student work.
 Baker, Francis -- Conceptual, alternative photography including cyanotype, van dyke brown and mixed media installations.
 Berridge, Pam -- Alternative development processes that demonstrate the photographer's association between photography and memory.
 Besse, Joe -- Description of the Bromoil process, images and a biography.
 Bolin, Steven -- Includes platinum printing, infrared, manipulated polaroids, cyanotype, and cross-processing.
 Bown, Ced -- Bromoil and monochrome images and information about the process.
 Brown, L.S. -- Polaroid transfers, handcoloring, and digital manipulation of L. S. King (formerly L.S. Brown).
 Busche, Christina -- The photography of Christina Busche with regular black and white film and also the historic ambrotype process.
 Casjens, Laurel -- Through wide angle lenses, toning, and solarization, photographer Laurel Casjens provides a unique perspective on stunning landscapes.
 Chernewski, Anita -- A rich mixture of various alternative processes and approaches including Van Dyke, palladium, pinhole, cyanotype, and photograms along with silver gelatin.
 Chris, Morgan -- Gum bichromate close-ups of insects.
 Christian, Nze -- Portfolio, mostly 8 x 10 contact prints in Ziatype( palladium, platinum, gold process).
 Clement, Alain Gerard -- The 'Medici Chamber', a recent exhibit of photogenic drawings, plus a brief description of the process and a short resume of the artist.
 Cronkhite, James -- Hand-colored black & white landscapes of California, Arizona and New Mexico.
 Davidhazy, Andrew -- Instructor of photographic science and technology at the Rochester Institute of Technology. A specialist in high speed, infrared, ultraviolet, panoramic, peripheral, and forensic.
 Evans, Ted -- Cross processing, handcoloring and Polaroid manipulation of portraits and wedding albums.
 Federowich -- Photographic collection using the alternative gumoil process.
 Ferguson, Tom -- Platinum, palladium, and cyanotype still lifes.
 Flowers, Jeanne -- Platinum/palladium and silver prints of floral still life, ghost town interiors, and landscapes.
 Fonrouge, Jes? Quiroga -- Photography and design.
 Foster, William A. -- Illustrative site showing range of the alternative processes examples.
 Frame37 -- Images from seven Northern California fine art photographers. Includes SX-70 manipulations, Polaroid transfers, Ilfochrome prints, cross processed Ilfochromes, infraed Images and links to related sites.
 G??ki, Jerzy -- Portrait, landscape, architecture, and nude images made using the gum bichromate process.
 Giudicelli, Jacqueline and Jean -- Practitioners of the gum bichromate process for the past 15 years.
 Gum Bichromate Exhibition -- An international exhibition of gum bichromate prints, featuring the works of Suzzane Izzo, Denise Kramer, Sam Wang, Eddie Willems, and Sarah Van Keuren.
 Hall, Robert -- Infrared and lith processes. Pictures of steam trains, desert scenes, japanese tea gardens and some architecture.
 Hardin, Nora -- Includes a photo gallery, contact page, and a description of the platinum process. (Warning: requires Flash, no escape from opening Flash display)
 Janssen, Ingo -- A gallery of the work by Ingo Janssen, using alternative methods of printing photos, including rust on iron or copper, and blueprint.
 Japan: 19th Century Hand-Colored Albumen Prints -- From the University of California at Riverside: hand-colored albumen prints of fine Japanese photographs from the Samuel Jacobson Collection.
 Jarvis, Chad -- Large format photography and alternative printmaking, including albumen and salted papers, POP, Argyrotypes and Ziatypes.
 Johnston, John -- Fashion, people, fine art, pinhole, plastic cameras, commercial. Shoots for ad agencies, stock, magazines, annual reports, design firms. BFA in photography/film. Working artist with work in international, private, and corporate collections.
 Jones, Christopher -- Diana camera, Polaroid transfers & SX-70, night and pinhole photography.
 Karwowski, Jurek -- From Norway, galleries of pinhole, Bromoil, cyanotypes, polymer, digital and silver gelatine prints.
 Klassen, Vince -- Historical platinum and palladium prints of commercial, editorial, wedding, and personal photography.
 Kouklis, Kerik -- Photographs in platinum/palladium, gum-bichromate over platinum and printing out paper (POP). Photography workshops.
 Kulick, Alex -- Portfolio of alternative, blacka and white, and color work. Includes lanscapes, abstract imagery and people.
 Laughter, Gene -- An exhibit in bromoil transfer photographic process by one of the masters of this medium and author of 'Bromoil 101' - a 'How-to' Manual.
 Leeuwen, Jan van -- Cyanotype and kallitype galleries
 Liebmann, Katia -- Exhibitions of pinhole photographs, van dyke images, and cyanotypes.
 Linders, Jane -- Polaroid transfers, emulsion transfers, and black and white infrared photography.
 Luckett, James -- Manipulated found negatives, and Polaroid self portraits.
 Lunsford, Fleming -- Polaroids, pinhole photographs, roller transfer prints, and conventional fine art images.
 Madigan, Martha -- Photograms and sun prints of natural things and human beings. Includes information on the process. [Shockwave plug-in required]
 Mahbub, Farah -- Architecture and landscape galleries with images from Iran and South Africa and a few from my hometown Karachi, Pakistan.
 Makris, Nick -- Sepia toned photos on this site are produced through a meld of computer technology and the proven methods of printing with nobel metals such as platinum and palladium. (requires Flash plug-in)
 Mathias, Jeffrey D. -- Platinum/Palladium photographs and folding screens. Includes an instructional guide.
 McAdam, Frank -- Site emphasizing pictorial and solarization techniques.
 Metoyer, John H. -- Various images by John H. Metoyer using cyanotype, heat transfer, and other processes.
 Meyers, Steven N. -- Fine art x-ray photography of nature. Includes technical information.
 Micklin, Tom -- Large Format Photographs made using the Bromoil process and contact printed on AZO paper. Paper negatives and digital controls are also used.
 Miller, Peter -- Gravure prints by artist/printmaker Peter Miller. Photos of Kamakura and Japan, guide to collecting contemporary fine art prints, Asian art; technique of intaglio photogravure printmaking.
 Miller, Siouxsan E. -- Photographs of doors, chairs, gardening, sewing, housework, leaves, teacups and sunflowers. Printed in cyanotype and gum bichromate on watercolor paper.
 Millett-Barrett, Jennifer -- Contemporary artist who works in a range of mediums that incorporate photographic images, including photo etchings, mixed media installations, and digital imagery.
 Nanian, John -- Documentary, portraiture, architectural/site/interior, handmade negatives, glass photographs, archival processing
 Neilsen, Eric -- Information on platinum printing as well as samples of several alternative process prints. Links to other related sites.
 Pagliuca, Gioacchino Artesiano -- Fotografia stenopeica, fotografia della natura, fotografia infrarossa, tecniche alternative. (pinhole, nature, infrared, and Van Dyke brown prints)
 Purdy, Susan -- Photograms from past exhibitions, resume, and a journal.
 Quickenborne, Luc Van -- Includes: Bromoil, Gum bichromate, Salted paper, VDB, Cyanotype, Polaroid, Digital.
 Roach, Louise -- Exhibition of mixed-media art created by Santa Fe artist. Several techniques such as: Polaroid emulsion transfer, collage, computer manipulation, and painting.
 Stephen Livick -- Many gum bichromate murals of goddess Kali and yoganis from Calcutta, India. Murals of 'Mother Earth,' a work in progress, as well as articles and text relating to the work.
 Taibi, Angelo -- This website presents some alternative photographic techniques such as infrared, liquid emulsion, and lith printing.
 Talman, Donna Hamil -- Using blue-toned cyanotype and brown-toned Van Dyke to transform her images.
 Taylor, Paul -- Nearly 25 years of work with the photogravure process. Black and white images of natural objects, and landscapes.
 Theisen, Ernest J. -- In photography for over 20 years; displays his Southwestern portfolio of 15 bromoil transfer prints.
 Todd Walker -- Artist whose nontraditional, photography-based work continues to be an inspiration for other artists.
 Truett, Meryl -- Award-winning hand-colored, Diana, pinhole, and alternative process Polaroid images of Nashville,TN, Savannah,GA, New York, Mexico, and other interesting places.
 Uehara, Masatomo - Mindscape Photography -- Platinum palladium prints and other photo collections created by fine-art photographer Masatomo Uehara.
 Veasey, Nick -- Photographer and film-maker Nick Veasey works with x-ray and scientific equipment to create unusual imagery to commission.
 Voinel, M. -- Gallery of fine-art nude cyanotypes.
 Ware, Mike -- Galleries, discussions and resources for argyrotypes, cyanotypes, chrysotypes and platino-palladiotypes.
 Yamada, Kai -- Hand-colored, Polaroid transfer, toy camera (Holga camera and a hybrid Polariod/Brownie camera).

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