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 Adore Seb -- Polaroid sx-70, timezero film manipulations and digital photo gallery.
 Amidon, Shannon -- Alternative process photography. Polaroid transfers, and liquid emulsions.
 Asher, Darryl J. -- Evocative fine art Polaroid transfer photography. Features Photo gallery, index of images, artist informations, and technical informations.
 Barrett, Patrick -- A gallery of Polaroid image transfer and black and white prints available for purchase.
 Brown, Cathy -- Polaroid transfer and emulsion lift fine art photography.
 Carvalho, Melinda -- Image and emulsion transfer photographs of landscapes, seascapes, and still life.
 Davis, Cynthia -- Author uses the Polaroid SX-70 camera and Time Zero film to create painterly photographs that evoke an impressionistic interpretation of cities, landscapes, and still lifes.
 Dunlap, John -- Features hand-manipulated polaroids by using a golf tee, includes various categories such as nature, sports, and monuments.
 Going, Michael -- Gallery of altered Polaroid SX-70; commercial and fine art portfolios.
 Hughes, Laura -- Landscape, figurative and abstract imagery incorporating Polaroid SX70.
 Hunt, Andrew Thomas -- Cinematic style Fashion/Erotic photographs taken with a Polaroid Land Camera 210.
 Kenario -- Photo impressionistic images from around the world by two photographers from Italy and California using Polaroid SX-70 manipulation.
 Kozielski, Jack -- Polaroid image transfer art gallery. Features exhibitions, informations about artist, polaroid transfer and contact.
 Lau, Peter -- Polaroid transfer, emulsion transfer, sx-70 manipulation, black and white polaroid transfer instructions and examples. Canadian site about art of Polaroid transfer and manipulation.
 Levinthal, David -- Includes a survey of his photographic work, a biography, current exhibitions, and a list of publications.
 Lichtman, Jay -- Includes Polaroid image and emulsion transfers as well as conventional color and black and white images.
 Mann, Glenn -- Polaroid transfer art, portraite, fine art and digital works.
 Mann, Judith -- Image transfers of sacred sites and objects from travels throughout the world.
 Mayer, Seth -- Manipulated SX-70 images.
 McKinsey, Jason -- Polaroid galleries, specializing in image transfers on silk.
 Melious, Amy -- Traditional photographic and polaroid transfer images of landscapes, florals, insects, nature, people, occasions, Europe, still life, and portraits.
 Montgomery, Gordon -- SX-70 manipulations, color and B/W photography.
 Moses, Dallas Todd -- Polaroid transfers of people, still lifes, landscapes and cemetary images.
 Nelson, Kim -- Colorado-based fine art photographer specializing in polaroid emulsion transfers of landscapes, western culture, and informal moments.
 Polaroid Art Gallery -- Virtual gallery of manipulated polaroid SX-70 photos including flowers, landscapes, people, architecture and nudes. Image transfers and emulsion transfers coming soon.
 Schenk, Susan Joan -- Artist from New York City. Features images from Polaroid transfer and fragments in black and white.
 Schiller, Rebekah -- Hand colored and collaged polaroid transfers and lifts.
 Shipman, Mike -- Stock and fine art photography, including Polaroid transfers and SX-70 manipulations. Classes and workshops.
 Sierra, Jonathan -- Exhibition of Polaroid images.
 Sobredo, Catherine -- Polaroid image transfers of portraits and nudes reminiscent of ancient frescos.
 Sturman, Robert -- A gallery by Robert Sturman including images with the themes of nature, surf culture, the blues, india and nepal, and portraits.
 Trujillo-Spice, Elena -- Polaroid image, emulsion transfer & SX-70 manipulation images.
 Uliasz, Marek -- Photography and Polaroid transfer art of ghost towns and lost sites of Colorado, returns to Poland, and New Mexico adobe churches.
 Winholtz, Angela -- Polaroid emulsion transfer photography of flowers and nature. Also candid available light black and white baby portraits.

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