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360 and VR Panoramas - Photography Directory

Location: Main > Techniques and Styles > Panoramic and 360 > Photographers > 360 and VR Panoramas

 Anitti Huittinen -- Photographer from Finland shows his QTVR objects, and panoramas.
 Belize -- Panoramic images of landscapes, towns, and beaches.
 Crawford, Andrew -- Landscapes, interiors and architecture panoramic VR images in QuickTime VR and Java formats with commentary, technical information, and links to related sites.
 Cubic QuickTime VR of Golden Gate Bridge and Muir Woods -- Full view QuickTime VR panoramas from the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco and Muir Woods.
 CubicVR - Full View Panoramas -- QuickTime Cubic VR Panoramas from Austria, Switzerland and Italy.
 David Rumsey Map Collection: QuickTime VR -- Cubic QuickTime VRs of the David Rumsey Map Collection. Hot spots allow you to view high resolution digitized versions of rare antique maps.
 Digital Panos -- Images and QuickTime VR of people, places, art, and architecture.
 Don Bain's Virtual Reality Panoramas -- QuickTime VR movies from a variety of locations in Western North America.
 Downing, Greg -- Multimedia and web technology, specializing in QuickTime VR, Photo Based 3d, Photogrammatic Modeling, Metastream, VRML, Macromedia Director, and Flash.
 European QTVR panoramas -- Collection of Quicktime VR panoramas from Belgium, France, Germany and The Netherlands.
 Heilman II, Carl -- Virtual reality nature panoramas from the Adirondacks, western US National Parks, and other places in North America. [Java must be enabled]
 Idyll-By-The-Sea -- Virtual tour of a gulf front house located in Seaside, Florida
 Kootenay Virtual Tours -- Providing 360 degree QuickTime and Java panoramas of the Kootenay-Rockies region of British Columbia.
 Martins, Marcelino -- 360 Interactive panoramas from all over the world: US, Brazil, Thailand, and Portugal.
 Masters, Bob -- QTVR panoramic photography and ObjectVR's including both cubic and cylindrical. Other work includes still life, people, and architecture.
 Multimedia Library's QTVR Links -- Hundreds of VR sites from across the globe, plus a QTVR panorama of the week. -- Weekly 'full screen' QuickTime panoramas and a directory with over 20,000 panoramas.
 Pathfinder Panoramas -- Panoramas from the surface of Mars compiled from NASA's Pathfinder mission.
 Pinecam VR Gallery -- QuicktimeVR and HotMedia java panoramas taken throughout Colorado and in Yellowstone National Park.
 QTVR Gallery and Tutorials -- Vancouver Film School student gallery and QTVR learning resource. -- Landscapes, cities, indoors, New York, Switzerland, stills and movies.
 Raymond Kam -- Panoramas of Vancouver, British Columbia and vicinity.
 Scott Highton QuickTime VRs -- QuickTime VR movies from the face of El Capitan in Yosemite National Park and other interesting examples.
 Synthetic Aperture -- Panoramas of various California locations.
 The Other Savannah -- QTVR Panoramas and photographs of the Savannah area by Professor Kirt Witte.
 Thinh Le: panoramas of Saigon (Ho Chi Minh City) -- 360 degree panoramas of the Vietnamese capital
 Tom Treadwell, USA: Behind the Stonewall -- 360 degree panoramic images from the historic battlefields of the American Civil War: Gettysburg and Chickamauga
 Tropical Destinations -- QuickTime VR from Fiji, Palau, Galapagos, and Mexico. Custom photography for VR, interactive tours.
 Virtual Parks -- Panoramic photos taken in parks in California, the western United States, and Canada. -- Photos and information on Vuosaari, a suburb of Helsinki City, Finland. [English and Finnish].

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