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 Black and White

 Adiseshan, Shankar -- Corporate and stock abstract photography. Contains portfolio, publications, testimonials, and contact information.
 Alms, Bruce -- Selection of extreme color photographs of German/Dutch model Sandy.
 Archer, Don -- Digital photographs, processed, and enhanced.
 Armstrong, Allen -- Photographs and words by artist Allen Armstrong. Site includes portfolio and contact information.
 Astley, Jane -- Offers photos, forum, and contact information.
 Atchison, William -- Experimental, and surreal color photography.
 Baars, Max -- Manipulated portrait photography and surreal images.
 Barangan, Lisa Marie -- San Francisco photographer focusing on fashion, music and fine art.
 Barber, Kireilyn Alisa -- Surreal photography by this artist.
 Beard, Gary -- Traditional and digitally processed and distorted photographs.
 Beesley, Gary -- Coloring added to black and white negatives to produce a psuedo-color negative, and print.
 Bellmer, Hans -- Surrealistic doll photographs.
 Bennett, Bob -- Photomontage of the surreal and metaphysical set on the California coast and desert. Resume and list of assignments for major magazines.
 Berdak, Jan -- Experimental images from this Polish photographer.
 Black, Barbara Lee -- Abstract ilfochrome photographs in surreal hand-crafted frames, available for sale.
 Blencowe, Julie -- Toronto contemporary artist focusing on black and white and color abstract photography. Find press releases, upcoming shows, biography, and contact information.
 Brauchli, Stephan -- Primarily infrared or conventional black and white photographs,. Subjects include nudes, trees, landscapes, and the city of Prague.
 Brazan, Joseph -- Portfolio of conceptual and abstract photographs.
 Brook, Tim -- Photographic interpretation of Haefliger Cottage. Read background, get exhibition information, and contact the artist.
 Brunenberg, Jo -- Collages, composite, and manipulated abstract images of objects and people.
 Butler, Billy -- Contemporary avant-grade photography coving landscape and urban scenes.
 Cama, Filipe -- Photographic journal, showing mainly abstract type photography.
 Camerer, Chriss -- Photographs taken exclusively in daylight, and in natural surroundings because the energy from sun and light is important for the work.
 Chan, John -- Abstract color photography by California photographer.
 Cohen, Jesse -- Exhibition of macro photography and figure photography. Find galleries, guestbook, and contact information.
 Cortes, Jose Pedro -- Color and black and white abstract urban photography.
 Creagh, Lisa -- Digital photography exploring the relationship between technology and mysticism.
 Damon, Xavier -- Color abstract photography based on Polaroids.
 Dantzler, Andrew G. -- Personal photography; conventional, surrealistic fine art, digital manipulations, and model portfolios.
 Davids, Miriam -- Analogous fine art and samples of commercial images ranging from abstract to conceptual product and people photographs.
 Deal, Adam -- Atlanta, Georgia abstract photographer. Offers portfolio, links, and contact information.
 DeHart, Dennis -- Photography meets technology in a series of work that explores the relationship of science, philosophy, and art. View a slideshow of exhibits, read artistic statement, or contact the artist.
 Denby, Georgia -- Features digitally created and altered, surreal photographs.
 Devres, Seze -- Small collection of abstract images of circles and eclipses. Galleries, biography, and artistic statement.
 Drambarean, Paul -- Subjects include nature, abstracts, and a series centered on an abandoned house. Find wallpaper sized images and related links.
 Dror, Asael -- Composite, and digitally manipulated images of flowers, female nudes, and abstract shapes.
 Dugardin, Bertrand -- Reports from Alsace, and a movie by photographer in Strasbourg, France.
 Dunnett, Ronn -- Collection of fine art images of the female form, portraiture, and surreal landscapes.
 DuVall, Daniel -- Shows pinhole portraits, erasures, and xerographs. Black and white photographs. Includes personal information.
 Easterling, Angela -- Natural photograms (organic photographs) of flowers, vegetables, fruit, leaves and plants.
 Eberhard, Stefan -- Shows the world only seen with the help of a microscope. Images of Vitamin C, fertilizer, niacin, and cystine, and other chemicals.
 Eekinet -- Experimental creation of a virtual village 'Eekil? made up of manipulated photographs featuring multiple images of the same man.
 Esteban, Elroy A. -- Twelve abstract, still life, color photographs made with large format camera.
 Finch, John -- Abstract collage of computer enhanced digital photographs from around the North West of England. Also find an artist's biography and link.
 Fine, Ritchie -- Digitally manipulated, surreal images of abstract shapes, cars, and landscapes.
 Formica, Jennifer -- Fine art photography by Brooklyn based artist Jennifer Formica. Includes her portfolio, resume, artist statement and contact information.
 Forsberg, Thomas -- Personal experiments in visual communication. Slide show with verse.
 Franck, David E. -- Hand painted photographs of the Arizona Desert and collections of photographic collage and montage.
 Gamache, Andy -- Features a project archive by this Canadian visual artist. Focus is on temporary public photo based art installations.
 Garcia, Robin Parker -- Surrealistic imagery involving people, objects, surroundings and memories.
 Garrett, Matthew -- Imaginative and surreal compositions from Sante Fe, New Mexico.
 Gasperini, Dario -- A portfolio of landscapes, portraits and nature images.
 Gega, Jude -- Unorthodox hybrid photo imaging tactics. Fashion, and fine art. Eccentric models wanted.
 Geist, Wayne -- Digital photomontage imagery with an abstract, political, or surreal edge.
 Giovinco, Steve -- Dynamic web slide show of couples, and self portraits. Also, an interactive art site and a 360 degree viewable self portrait.
 Glick, Adam -- Traditional, digital and pinhole work. Odd, off-color details and experiments with light.
 Gold, Ken -- Collection of digitally enhanced or manipulated images of animals. Includes information on the artist's exhibitions.
 Goodfab, D. E. -- Gallery of abstract color photography of surfaces found in and around New Orleans. Also find artist's biography and contact information.
 Goto, John -- A series of digital exhibitions by British artist John Goto, combining sound and images. Many images are digitally created or manipulated.
 Guither, Pete -- Surreal nudes. Also, theatrical, dance, and photos of Australia.
 Haas, Kevin -- Different aspects of the urban and industrial landscape.
 Hanamoto, Jean -- Care giver and historian/photographer for the Wo/Men?s Alliance for Medical Marijuana in Santa Cruz, CA.
 Hanna, Jean-Marc -- Surreal, color photography.
 Hart, Beau -- Editorial and portrait photography featuring underground music and unusual subjects. Based in Atlanta, GA.
 Hassinen, Pekka -- Nature photography inspired by the horizon, border zone between air and water. Read about the artist, view the gallery, or comment on his work.
 Heavey, Sean -- Traditional images of urban scenes subjected to extreme computer manipulation.
 Hodgett, John -- Portfolio of portrait and landscape photography. Find current projects, resume, and contact information.
 Hologram, Dven -- Surreal photos, black and white and color, plus video manipulation.
 Homburger, Claude -- Photography focusing on colors and abstraction as seen in the unusual world. View the portfolio, get information on past and future exhibitions, or contact the artist.
 Horn, Anemone -- Abstract images of colors, textures, and shapes found in peeling paint, rusted metal, and other surfaces. From Crete.
 Iguchi, Tetsuya -- Digitally rendered montages of Tokyo city and underwater photographs. Some nature photographs, too.
 Jacoby, Keith -- Conceptual photography of nature and abstraction. Site includes collections of portraiture, painted bodies, and information on Project Zwena.
 James, Dewey -- Oil on sepia toned images of Paris, Province, Italy, Spain, and other travel destinations.
 Jankovic, Nikola -- Still life, photographs of people, and digitally manipulated images represent a virtual world. [Flash required]
 Jensen, Rene -- Different themes and color schemes are used to create an eclectic gallery of photos. From Denmark.
 Jurus, Richard E., II -- Manipulated images, and abstracts.
 Kaelin, Jen -- New York based photographer specializing in color abstractions, video production, and digital media.
 Kaji -- Abstract details, and odd urban scenes from Tokyo, Japan. In color, and black and white.
 Kane, Bill -- Photography, neon and mixed media fine art. Abstracts and montages including nudes, window shadows, and extracts from the Berlin Wall.
 Kastner, Ulf -- Snapshots, Polaroids, and Lomography.
 Keogh, Jeremiah -- An attempt to blend traditional and digital photographic techniques. Features a small gallery and some related links.
 Kern, Rich -- Chemically and digitally altered photographs. Includes contact form and related links
 Kolbe, Sabine -- Digital photography of the colorful lifestyle from Cape Town, South Africa. Find galleries, links, and contact information.
 Lee, Daniel -- Artist's distillation of Buddhist mythologies in which animal spirits transform the human countenance.
 Leonard, BZ -- Mixture of digitally altered photos and graphic arts. Also some straight nature photography.
 Lichtbogen, Ono -- Exhibition at Raika, Vienna.
 Linda Golob and Keith Jochim -- Collection of digital, and silver based images of people, places, and animals.
 Livingston, Emma -- Abstract photography on a wide range of subjects including nature and urban settings. Find contact information and artist biography.
 Lucido, Jerry -- Photographic expression including black and white, SX-70 Polaroid, dance, and abstract imagery.
 Luckey, Randy -- Black and white photography of people and places, and surreal digitally manipulated color photography.
 Lundstr?Lukas -- Experimental, and surrealistic digitally altered photos.
 Lustig, Laura Joy -- Abstract architectural constructions. Calendar, photography, and paintings.
 Maillard, Pascal -- Abstract color, and sepia toned photographs of surface textures. French and English.
 Marek, Joseph -- Abstract, and surreal personal photography.
 Markos, Michael -- Photography slideshows of cityscapes, landscapes, industrial ruins, candids, and still life.
 McClain, Michael -- A online portfolio containing images of people, nature, and everyday objects.
 McCormack, Dan -- Nude photographic images made with a pinhole camera and colorized in Photoshop. Includes a biography of the artist, and a guide to his process.
 Mercure, Tammy -- Surreal pinhole, and digital images of the world, and the human body.
 Miles, Jonnie -- Collages, still life and off-beat portraits.
 Mitchell, Blue -- Themes include landscape, abstraction, portrait, human form and motion. Find artist's biography and contact information.
 Morrell, Charlie -- Using large format cameras, and digital manipulation he shows a vision of the American West.
 Narmi, Michejda -- Fine art and digitally retouched photography inspired by the works of Derrida, Nietzsche, and Celan.
 Nelson, Glenn -- Images of fantasy and studio photographs.
 Nitsa -- Digitally-colored and manipulated images, including a series of girls, Los Angeles street scenes, and self portraits.
 Norris, Jon -- Abstract urban scenes. Color, and black and white.
 Ondrik, David -- Mixed media and digitally manipulated toy camera photography.
 Ostrowski, Eddie -- Photography, design, art and filmmaking work.
 Parton, Graham -- Containing current work, including abstract images of coloured, artificial light.
 Peach, Don -- Minimalist photography with a themes including color, pattern, texture, architectural features and images of southern California.
 Pelko, Janez -- Collection of color and black and white objects or portraits, including surreal photographs.
 Perret, Michel -- Fantasy art galleries telling the story of life, death, society and space through imagery.
 Pitman, Dave -- Abstract images of Atlanta, Charlotte, Charleston, and body painting. Also includes a selection of paintings and a contact form.
 Preston, Phil -- Digitally manipulated landscape, nature and abstract images. Includes description of how each picture was made. Also, discussion forums, and digital imaging equipment news.
 Pritt, Evelyn -- Color, and black and white abstracts.
 Ragan, Romy -- Conceptual, fine art photography from Los Angeles based photographer.
 Reeve, Thomas Hudson -- Abstract and manipulated photography projects including a pinhole photo gallery of New York City. Find biography and contact information.
 Rondini, Stefano -- Features still life, architecture, nudes, and travel photos.
 Rosenberg, Daniel -- Collection of galleries by a San Francisco photography student featuring photos of local and European settings. Also find poetry and a guestbook.
 Rossi, Manolo -- Experimental photographs on a wide range of subjects. Black and white and color abstracts.
 Rossi, Rett -- Features photographic installations focusing on issues of identity related to gender and/or trauma. [English and German]
 Roussel, Denis -- Black and white studies of the human body and digital imaging.
 Saij, Isabel -- Contemporary abstract art nature photos.
 Sanderson, Lisa M. -- People, places, and still life, including Polaroid image and emulsion transfers, and plastic camera photographs.
 Sandler, Patricia -- Adding text to Polariod prints to add a new dimension.
 Sauter, Christoph -- Urban and abstract photographs, a photographic diary, and animated visual poetry. Including a guest gallery. [Requires Flash]
 Schmuck, St?ane -- Color, and black and white galleries by German-born French photographer. Darkroom, and pinhole photography information.
 Scott, Debi A. -- Seven black and white infrared photos as well as color infrared, hand colored and toned art photography from the Desert series and One-On-One series.
 Sebastian -- Collection of digitally-manipulated photographs, including landscapes and nautical scenes.
 Seko, Stephen -- A large collection of toned prints made with a Holga camera.
 Sohngen, Pieter -- Features a selection of abstract photographs made with artificial light.
 Sprague, Ethan -- Works predominantly in polaroids of women, still life, diptychs, and installations.
 Staller, Jan -- Surreal, dreamy landscapes, some with manipulated colors. Also, abstract shapes, and scenes.
 Stasinopoulos, Thanos N. -- Computer processed photography surveying the relationship between look, see and imagine.
 Stewart, Iain -- Scottish based minimalist abstract landscape photographer. Landscapes, seascapes and skyscapes. Also an artists bio, contact information, films, and a resume.
 Stoppi, Paul -- Photography of the tips of Boeing airplane wings. Includes an artist's biography includeing past shows and contact information.
 Sutton, Leila -- A kaleidoscopic view of the Yucatan Peninsula, Mexico including photography, and digital renderings.
 Swider, Eva -- Gallery of digitally-manipulated photographs, some of which have been used as surrealistic illustrations for publications.
 Szabo, Robert -- Wet plate collodion photographs of Virginia, Yosemite, still lifes, and living history. Includes a brief description of the process and a biography.
 Talbert, Chip -- An amateur photographer in Chattanooga, Tennessee, showing a gallery of photography and artwork made with different techniques. Includes infrared, digitally manipulated and mixed monochrome and color images.
 Tang, Quang -- Nice dream. Photography, digital images, and graphic design.
 Tauber, Dylan -- Digitally-manipulated underwater photographs of dolphins.
 Ten Napel, Marleen -- Aspiring fashion photographer shows the unusual imagery from her final exam at the Academy of Arts in Utrecht, The Netherlands.
 Tommo, Andy -- Surreal color photography.
 Van Balken, Marcel -- Digitally manipulated, and hand colored black and white, color and infrared photos. Also, traditional images on social, family, and travel topics.
 Van den Hoed, Willem -- Find photographs that have been pasted together to form timescapes from this architect turns photographer.
 Van Der Meer, Piet -- High contrast, black and white images of stonecircles, menhirs and megaliths in Celtic Cornwall. Images change when mouse is hovered over them.
 Van Rossum, Michael -- Abstract, and computer generated color images, as well as off angle snapshots of urban scenes.
 VanLeeuwen, Robert -- Very small collection of digitally manipulated abstract images. [English and Dutch]
 Varga, Kamil -- Photographs of movements and traces of light. Includes multiple and long term exposures.
 Veiderma, Jaak -- Manipulated images of flowers using light painting technique in studio photography, as well as a few fashion photos.
 Vengraitis, Tony -- Imaginative, digitally manipulated images. Abstract, surreal, and dreamlike.
 Verstappen, Harrie -- The Looniverse; manipulated photographs of Japanese model Kusama Yayoi, as well as landscapes and urban scenes.
 Verweire, Patrick -- Manipulated photos of nature, and people.
 Vircoe, Jim -- Odd shapes in stone, and wood. From bushwalking outings in Australia.
 von Stackelberg, Amy -- Zen or Miksang style photography. Subjects include nature, close-ups, punk and ska bands, street scenes, and abstracts.
 Wacker, Andreas -- Twexus, a large database of images. An art installation of thousands of digital photos.
 Wasacz, Martha -- Vintage photographs, as well as contemporary color abstract images. Semi-abstract pictures taken during a roadtrip across New Mexico and Portland.
 Washer, Paul -- A selection of artwork from the UK based artist and photographer. Find images, blog, and contact information.
 Wheeler, Cece -- Fine art photographic series of silver lith prints featuring 3 sub series: form and light; intimate spaces; and color and light.
 Widdall, Chris -- Digital photography of landscapes, montages, experimental, monochrome and nature. Find PhotoShop tutorials and links.
 Wiener, Andy -- False Identity: 4 series of humorous constructed photographs. Actors wear photographic masks to act out scenes of social commentary.
 Williams, Carla -- Black and white, double-exposure, or composite nude self-portraits. Find writings, photographs and an annotated research library related to black artists.
 Winch, Jeff -- The 'Images' section shows his night photography, installations and editorial work. Black and white and color.
 Winston, David Lorenz -- A collection of award-winning traditional and digitally-manipulated photography. Also includes a summary of professional accomplishments.
 Zagnoli, Miro -- Design, and offbeat imagery from this Italian photographer.
 Zastrozna, Joanna -- Abstract photography and illustrations. Find biography and contact information.
 Zenin, Igor -- Extreme digital manipulations of landscapes through the four seasons, people, and scenes from Ontario.
 Zentjens, Peter -- Collection of unusual, sometimes surreal photographs, including self-portraits and still life.
 Ziem, Andrzej -- Includes moon light and night photographs, cross processed and manipulated images, and impressions gathered from junk store and toy cameras.
 Zulueta, Pinggot Vinluan -- Digital photographic artworks and drawings showcasing political upheavals, human rights incursions and protests in Philippine society.

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