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 Aeriko -- Small collection of photos from Greece, and personal pictures.
 Arun, Narayanan -- Shows pictures taken in Italy, Germany, and Switzerland.
 Bart VH -- Photos from Dutch landscapes, persons, and cities, in color and black and white.
 Bauchop, Stewart -- A gallery of climbing and walking photographs taken in the Scottish Highlands winter and Summer.
 Bedingfield, Nigel -- Digital photography of East Anglian towns and countryside (in the UK). Prints available for order by snail-mail. [Requires Flash.]
 Bini, Giuseppe -- Photos from Ireland, and Italian mountainscapes.
 Broom, Adrian -- Photographs of new and old architecture of England, especially around Manchester.
 Brunkman, L.G. -- Landscape and nature photography from Sweden. Several galleries with thumbnails.
 Bueschges, Ralf -- Photographs from Andalucia and the Provence. All images were taken on travels on, or with, a bicycle.
 Cammarano, Giuseppe -- Photographs of Pompeii, Paestum, Ischia, Stabiae, Naples, and other historical sites in Italy. Mostly in color.
 Carter, Steve -- Landscape and nature photographs, mainly from the western Highlands of Scotland. Includes a section on track photography.
 Close, Richie -- Color, and black and white landscapes, and seascapes from little known areas of Ireland. Also, urban scenes from Dublin.
 Collins, Martin -- Nature and landscape photographs of the Outer Hebrides, Scotland.
 Cook, Jack -- Photographs of Liverpool, UK.
 Cordopatri, Paolo -- Pictures of street scenes and landscapes taken during trips across Europe. Also, music, and poetry.
 Crookston, Bill -- Shows primarily photographs from the Western Scottish Isles, and a few aerial views of Scottish villages.
 Curca, Ciprian -- Photographs from Romania. Covers people, landscape, nature, villages, and Dracula's castle.
 Dalziel, David -- Photos of landscapes, nature, and city scenes taken in Scotland.
 Damaschke, Giesbert -- Photos from the Oktoberfest construction site in Munich, Germany.
 Diment, Jo -- Collection of color photographs showing maritime, architectural, and everyday subjects captured in Amsterdam and Mallorca.
 Eliasson, Harri -- Photo galleries from Iceland. Featured are nature, landscapes, sunsets, and geysers, as well as small town images.
 Favali, Robert J. -- Photos of northern Italy. The majority are black and white, focusing on the themes, architecture, statues, and people.
 Fjeldvang, Steinar -- Scenic images from around Norway, historical information on his hometown Strommen, and dog-keeping.
 Flory, Ian -- Portfolio of scenic landscape photographs, with comments, mainly from around the British Isles. Features a sunrise/sunset time and position calculator.
 Franco, Jan -- Images from all around Ireland, as well as a few ones from France and Italy. [Flash]
 Frisby, Sid -- Landcscape photographs taken in the upland areas around the town of Blaenau Ffestiniog, North Wales.
 Gevrey, Christophe -- Photographs of Geneva, Switzerland, and other European destinations.
 Gippenreiter, Vadim -- Impressions from old Russian cities, including art, culture, and architecture.
 Grimaldi, Aldo -- Featuring Italian places of interest, including the Carnival of Venice, and stone angels of Rome. Text in English, German, French, and Italian.
 Gyro -- Photography of the two Slovakian towns Nitra and Banska Stiavnica, as well as Slovakian architecture and landscapes.
 Haigney, Paul -- Scenic photographs of Ireland, particularly Dublin.
 Hall, John -- Photographs of landscapes and seascapes from Ireland, many taken in low light situations.
 Hanssen, Keith -- Amateur photographs of European cities such as Venice, Florence, Rome, Salzburg, Paris, and several others.
 Hay, Andrew -- Small collection of landscape photographs from the UK.
 Hollington, Simon -- Photographs of people, events, and places from Edinburgh and surrounding area. Also includes shots of Paris, and Venice.
 Honnor, Julius -- Galleries of color and black and white images showing architectural details and street scenes from several European cities, as well as from Mexico.
 Hupli, Jarmo -- Landscape and nature photographs from Lapland and northern Norway. Hints for bicycle travel in that region. Site in English and Finnish.
 I. K. -- Collection of landscape photographs from Northern Norway. Site in English, German, and Norvegian.
 Izzarelli, Ethan -- Color, and black and white photographs primarily from European destinations, including Paris, London, Rome, the Vatican, Venice, Naples, Florence, and southern France. Also, China, Yosemite, and digitally manipulated images.
 Johnson, Marc C. -- Fine art travel photography of Eastern and Western Europe.
 Junius, Martin -- Extensive personal collection of landmarks in Scotland, and England. Includes commentary on the locations.
 Karran, Dan -- Features images of Austria, Germany, Italy, the UK and the Isle of Man, as well as Prague, Budapest, and New York.
 Kekidakis, Adonis -- Mostly photographs from Greece. Also, the UK, France, and the United States.
 Kingsnorth, Ian -- Photographs of surfers and beaches in Cornwall, United Kingdom.
 Klann, Thierry -- Collection of fine art photographs, mainly in black and white, from Brussels, Belgium.
 Kordic, Stevan -- Digital photographs of his travels through the former Yugoslavia.
 Le Velly, Veronique -- Landscape and nature photography from Brittany and the Alps in France. Also, pictures of traditional sailing ships. Site in English and French.
 Lee, Stephen -- Shows primarily photographs from several places in the UK. Also, Turkey, Bruges, WWI trenches in Ypres, and flowers.
 Lee, Tony -- Images of, and commentary on the cities of Rota and Arcos in Andalusia, Spain.
 LeGourriérec, Denis -- Personal photographs of many countries in Europe, as well as of California.
 Lehtomäki, Juha -- Photographs and stories about cities, landscapes, and travel. Images of Finland are a specialty.
 Lindbäck, Louisa -- Small collection of photographs from the island of Kithira, Greece.
 Lupidi, Massimo -- Portfolio of landscape images from Iceland. Also, samples of available audiovisual slide shows featuring primarily European locations and macrophotography.
 Macan, Tvrtko -- Shows photos of Spain and Greek islands.
 Mackean -- Features images of landscapes, cityscapes and people from the UK.
 Malahias, Christos -- Collection of images from Ikaria island, Greece. Site in English and Greek.
 Mastellone, George -- Travel images, including panoramic photography, from Italy.
 McKeon, Steve -- Collection of photographs mainly taken in Europe. Also, some from Hawaii, and several personal shots.
 McLeish, John D. -- Previews of images from Scotland, Ireland, and England.
 Meesters, Fons -- Small collection of images from France and Turkey.
 MMarchese -- Venice and its people as seen by an Italian photographer.
 Molloy, Dermot P. -- Extensive collection of landscapes, seascapes, animals, flowers, people, villages, and local attractions, all taken in South-East Ireland.
 Morrice Web -- Photographs from Scotland, available as free desktop wallpapers, as well as information on walks in East Lothian, nearby Edinburgh.
 Mortimer, Phil -- Photographic portrait of the Shetland isle of Yell, Scotland.
 Novo, Alberto -- Landscape and nature photographs from the Dolomites and Alps in Italy. Features his photography exhibitions. Site in English and Italian.
 Pang, Albert -- Travel photography, portraiture and travel writing. Mainly European locations.
 Rimsha, Sergey -- Photographs of Moscow at night and images from the Millennium celebration.
 Rowe, Alan -- Primarily photographs from England, and a few from the Seychelles.
 Sanna, Paolo -- Very extensive collection of pictures covering the sea, sands, flora, fauna, archeology, and ethnography of Sardinia, Italy. Site in English and Italian.
 Sarissky, Daniel -- Photographs from Slovakia, Holland, and Finland.
 Scharf, Dagobert -- Nature photographs from the Jührdener Feld, a moor in Germany, and the Aletsch Glacier, Switzerland. Also, manipulated images of animals, and windmills.
 Senz, Otto -- Small collection of architectural details from Paris and Venice, and a few photographs of objects.
 Smerda, Rene -- Photographer from the Czech Republic shows her images of Prague, Vienna, Orlik, and Pruhonice.
 Sorokin, Dmitri -- Day, and night shots of St.Petersburg, Russia. Text in Russian and English.
 Sparling, Phil -- Collection of photographs from around Europe, statues in Sri Lanka, and small sections for music and flowers.
 Stepanov, Alex -- Photographs of nature and cities across Russia. Site in English and Russian.
 Steven -- Shows primarily images from Scotland, as well as some from England and the American South-West.
 Stumpe, Juergen -- Street scenes from Barcelona, Spain.
 Take Your Time -- Large collection of categorized photographs of London.
 Thompson, Julie -- Photography of London, Paris, and Rome, by a Californian who studied art.
 Trappe, Rory -- Shows a few images taken in and around the North Wales town of Blaenau Ffestiniog, UK.
 Tsiris, Alexander -- Photographs from Greece and the village of Arahova.
 Vermeulen, Charles -- Collection of photos, including both urban and natural subjects, mostly shot in Rotterdam and its surroundings, Netherlands.
 Vuijk, Dick -- Color, black and white, telephoto, and panoramic images of Iceland.
 Westbrook, Heidi -- Collection of scenic landscape photographs from Cornwall, England.
 Yuen, Steve -- Gallery of photos from Austria, Germany, Liechtenstein, Switzerland, Italy, Vatican, Monaco, France, Belgium, Holland, and England.
 Zgodzinski, Piotr -- Shows nature and urban photographs, including night shots, mostly from Poland, but also from Odessa, Ukraine, and Slovakia, as well as portraits of his sister.
 Zucchini, Giulio -- Photos taken in Venice, during travels around Europe and Japan, and some Lomography shots.

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