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 3D Projects and Solutions -- Personal web page for 3D photographers and collectors with solutions, suggestions and ideas on how to get the best from your 3D camera.
 Alpa Reflex Cameras from Switzerland -- The ALPA was designed for an exacting and methodical scientific user accustomed to the standards of laboratory instruments and appealed to other photographers who enjoy a beautifully engineered, heavy and immensely versatile camera
 An Antique and Classic Camera Collection -- Antique and classic camera collection, with wooden view cameras from the 19th century. Information on camera fairs, and links for antique and classic camera collectors.
 ANSCO Reminiscences -- Intimate look at Ansco through the eyes of a former employee.
 Antique & 19th Century Cameras -- Displays and describes wood and brass cameras made before 1900. Includes related history and 19th-century advertisements.
 Antique and Classic Camera Home -- Links and information on collecting and using antique and classic cameras.
 Antonetto, Marco -- Presenting his books about Topcon and Rectaflex cameras, as well as related information and links for collectors.
 Bill Briley's Home Page -- Bill Briley's home page of camera collecting and historical photographic materials. - Antique cameras, advertisements, ephemera -- A private collector's site devoted to the history, science, and marketing of photography for the period 1880-1930. Features antique cameras, early darkroom items, photo advertisements, and ephemera described and illustrated.
 Bret Culp's Camera Collection -- Technical information on cameras from a 1926 Kodak 1 pocket camera, to a 1999 Yashica Super T4, as well as urban and landscape photographs.
 C@mer@ Collection -- A private collector site of all kinds of cameras, old or new, serious or funny. Bilingual site, French and English.
 Camera Collection; Caméra de Collection -- A private collector's site devoted to antique & 19th century wooden cameras and related photographica. -- Subscription based online price guide for collectible and used cameras. Pricing and information on more than 23,500 cameras.
 Chicago Photographic Collectors Society -- non-profit society of camera and image collectors of antique, classic and contemporary photographic items. Over 200 members with 2 Camera & Image Shows a year.
 Chris Eve's Kodak Camera Collection -- A Private Collection of over 450 Kodak Cameras. Some Instruction books reproduced
 Classic Cameras -- Classic cameras and history. Discussion forum, classified ads, related links and addresses in both English and German.
 Collecting Mamiya 35mm Cameras -- Information and photo reference on Mamiya 35mm cameras.
 Collecting Movie Cameras -- Antique movie cameras: history, photos, descriptions ... many movie cameras for collecting.
 Collecting Photographica -- Victorian images, tintypes, ambrotypes, daguerotypes; subminiature cameras, Kodaks, and brass and mahogany cameras.
 Colored Kodak Cameras -- Site of various colored Kodak cameras.
 Dave's Camera Collection -- Antique cameras, Kodak cameras, daguerreotypes, tintypes, ambrotypes, historic photographic equipment.
 Don Chatterton's Leica Page -- Information on R, M, and screwmount Leica cameras.
 Ed's Photo and Camera Place -- I collect Brownie and Argus Cameras. I also do a lot of B&W photography. Learn how cameras work.
 Ensign Cameras -- Site for collectors of ensign cameras.
 Entertaining Exakta Stuff -- A series of interesting photo galleries relating to the history and preservation of Ihagee Exakta equipment.
 Exakta Enthusiast's E-mail List -- An Ihagee Exakta e-mail list for all people interested in the collecting, history and use of Ihagee and Exakta camera's and related equipment. Feel free to post questions, answers, comments or simply make some new friends
 Favorite Classics -- A classic camera site that includes repair tips, camera information, instruction & repair manuals, and a repair forum
 Flashbulbs Home Page -- Information on the history, use and current state of flashbulb technology. Manufacturers' links.
 Historic Camera : Antique Cameras and Photography -- Resource for Antique Camera Collectors and Photographers. Contains collectable and classic camera references, photogrphica history, a photography related only links web search engine, bulletin board, shows and events calendar, camera and photo galleries.
 IDCC subscription instructions -- How to subscribe to the Internet Directory of Camera Collectors (IDCC)
 Ihagee & Exakta Products and History -- Ihagee & Exakta collecting information.
 Instamatic Central -- A camera collection specializing in 126-format cameras. Fully illustrated with specifications.
 International Photographic Historical Society -- Home page for David Silver's International Photographic Historical Society (IPHO)
 Jim's Polaroid Camera Collection -- A collection and technical information of Polaroid cameras that have a bellows.
 Jo Lommen -- Collecting, using, and repairing classic press cameras.
 joel's vitage camera collection -- A private, vintage camera collection, including pictures and descriptions.
 Koni Omega Rapid -- Information on the K-O Rapid cameras, with spec's., photos, Q&A's, Links.
 Koni-Omega History -- History and details of the Japanese-American Koni-Omega Camera
 Larry's Camera Page -- Larry Wallnau's home page. Many photos of collectable cameras. Links
 Living Image Camera Museum -- Featuring cameras from private collection, not the exotica but the ordinary, humble, and everyday cameras of the past.
 Ma collection d'appareils photo (My photo collection) -- A personal camera collection (part of 500 cameras) and stereoviews (French/English site).
 Mamiya TLR System Summary -- Detailed information about the Mamiya TLR System for users and collectors.
 Mario Groleau camera collection -- Canadian French and English site listing a vintage camera collection.
 Medium Format Cameras Library List and Links -- Links to information on various medium format cameras. Useful information for users and collectors.
 Moshe Bar-el: Old/Antique Cameras -- Features photos of the a collection of pre-1950s cameras.
 Nikon Historical Society -- Organization of Nikon users. Articles, History, Links, Restoration.
 Northwest Collector Camera -- Antique and Classic cameras for sale
 PCCGB -- Photographic Collectors Club of Great Britain web page.
 Pentacon 6 TL SLR -- History and images of the Pentacon Six family of medium format cameras including Praktisix, Kiev, and Exakta rollfilm cameras from Germany and the former Soviet Union.
 Peter's Homepage -- Personal camera collection, parrots, travel, bikes.
 Photografika -- Links to sites about classic cameras, and a free advertising service for people buying and selling cameras and accessories.
 Puget Sound Photographic Collector's Society -- Organization dedicated to collecting and preserving historical photographic materials.
 Retina Photo Gallery -- Early Kodak Retina Camera Photo Gallery
 Rick's camera collecting page -- Personal camera collection; reviews & articles about older cameras and photography.
 RoderickT - Collecting and Using Classic Cameras -- Description of classic cameras I have owned. Links to related sites. Photographs taken with featured equipment. Home Page -- is an information center for Rolleiflex and Rolleicord cameras and accessories.
 RolleiOnly -- Canadian collector of Rollei Two-Eye cameras (uses Java scripts).
 Russian Cameras - -- Information and links for collectors of Russian cameras
 Ryan's Classic Cameras -- Ryan Buck's personal collection of classic cameras.
 Scott's Photographica Collection -- Images of, and commentary on, a personal collection of antique and collectable cameras, photographic images, and ephemera.
 Stereo Photographs and Descriptions of Classic Cameras -- Short descriptions and photos of more than 75 classic cameras. Photos of the cameras are in black and white and 3D stereo black and white (stereo can be viewed using red and green or blue filters).
 Steve's Camera Site -- Steve Foster's personal camera collection. Cameras for sale or swap.
 The Brownie Camera Page -- All about Kodak Brownie cameras. Gallery, history, interactive 'BrownieTalk' forums and great links.
 The Camera Collection of Annie and Carl -- Camera collectors from Holland. Photos, information, and links to other camera related sites.
 The Camera Museum -- Cameras from 1900-1960, with galleries, boxes, and manuals.
 The Classic Camera -- Showing over 100 old cameras. Information on very old cameras in Japanese and English
 The history of the Ihagee Co., Dresden, Germany -- Multi language site of the history, patents, and products of the Ihagee Kamerawerk Steenbergen & Co., Dresden, Germany.
 The Ihagee Exakta Pages -- Source of information on Exakta cameras.
 The Kodak Girl Collection -- Vintage images of women photographers with cameras in advertising, on trade cards, postcards, photos, valentines, Kodak memorabilia, and other photographica.
 The North Star Camera Collection -- Photographs of a collection of (mostly Argus, Ansco, and Kodak) cameras from the 1930s, 1940s, and 1950s.
 The Photographic Historical Society -- The Photographic Historical Society of Rochester New York. Information page
 Tony Hurst Nikon -- A Nikon collectors site covering from the 1930s to 2000 Cameras, Lenses ,Accessories, Literature, Packaging and other related material. Flash site
 Unofficial Belplasca Home Page -- English version of a personal home page dedicated to the Belplasca camera. German version is also available.
 Vitalspirit -- Private collection of historic photographic cameras, photos, and accessories.
 World of Kodak Brownie Cameras -- A site for sharing information about Kodak Brownie cameras. Learn about The Brownie Group and how to join. Also, pages on George Eastman, Palmer Cox, and Frank Brownell.
 Yashica Range-finder Cameras User Home Page -- 35mm Yashica range-finder cameras, illustrated chronology, Yashica Electro history, user guide, repair, tech support, battery adapter.

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