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Location: Main > Photographic Works > Solo Exhibitions > People > Fine Art > Black and White

 Ahrens, Eric -- Figure studies of women, glamour and sensual portraits.
 Alexander, Jeff -- Eight candid images of the people of Cuba.
 Bailey, K.C. -- Celebrity portraits, and an entire section featuring images of people screaming.
 Bingham, Richard -- Gallery including mainly photos of people, both portrait and nudes. Also, smaller sections on landscape, sport, and nature.
 Chroni, Athina -- Gallery of black and white portraits, and self-portraits.
 Clarke, Brendan -- Offering black and white photography mostly related to the music industry.
 Coldeboeuf, Henri -- French street photographer's images of children at school and in fairs, religious processions, and a Limoges porcelain factory.
 Cone, Nancy -- Eleven photographs, primarily portraits of street people.
 de Amorrortu, Sebastian Isenberg -- Fashion photography from Argentinean photographer. Some color work.
 De Leng, Stephanie -- Portraits of actors, artists and families in natural light.
 Dols, Paul -- Environmental and candid portraiture, and sports photos in a journalistic style.
 Donovan, David -- Features polaroid and black and white photography essays and portraits.
 Double, Steve -- Collection of over one hundred portraits of bands, musicians, songwriters, film makers, authors, entertainers and public figures.
 Dzividzinska, Zenta -- Latvian photographer's vintage photos from 1960 to early 1970. Women from a woman's perspective.
 Gladstone, Steve -- Environmental an candid portraiture from Europe, North America, Cuba, and North Africa. Includes photographs of people like Paul Bowles, Dizzie Gillespie, Muddy Waters and others.
 Glaser, Nina -- Bizarre, and surreal images of male, and female nudes.
 Goretsky, Val -- Portfolio of a Latvian artist. Includes portraiture and hand colored photographs.
 Gribinski, M?nie -- Photographic portraits in black and white, realized with a 7 x 9-1/2 inch camera, of artists, writers, publishers, illustrators, musicians, poets, and psychoanalysts. French and English.
 Guidi, Elio -- Photographs of legendary jazz artists.
 Iha, Bill -- Fine art portrait & nude photography.
 Jesover, Eric -- Fine arts portraits and nude photography.
 Johnston, Dean -- Photography focused upon portraits, street scenes and social documentary by a western photographer residing in Japan.
 Jugovac, A. Nino -- Portrait and figure photography by Italian photographer.
 Kaplan, Clifford -- Abstract and contemporary photography exploring the Human relationships and inner desires.
 Karl, Erika J. -- Photographs of humans and the human body. Fine art galleries consisting of traditional, digital, and alternative process imagery.
 Katumba, Philipp -- Portraits of fashion, body and travel.
 Krebs, Ed -- Portraits of the surfer boys who hang at Thalia Street Beach in California. Also featuring swimmers, and young dancers.
 Land, Markus -- People and scenes from the Love Parade in Berlin and the Jardin du Luxembourg in Paris by this German photographer. [may not work with all browsers, site in English and German]
 Lang, David -- Portraits, people, nudes, urban and music photography.
 Laredo, Manolo -- Showcases his portfolio including portraits, dance, fashion, and reportage.
 Lindstr?Jonas -- Black and white portraits and landscapes with some color work.
 Linsley, Stephen -- Bands, musicians, babies, dogs and other portraits.
 Lohrey, James -- Fashion photographs expressing the Mystery and Beauty of Women.
 Maffei, Anita -- Photographs of 1980s Boston rock bands, portraits, children, and other subjects.
 Marcinkiewicz, Krzysztof -- Portraits, nudes and fishing scenes. Also, some abstract work.
 Martin, Scott -- Freelance web designer turned photographer, specializes in fine art photography of people; Texas, Mexico and El Salvador.
 Martinelli, Vince -- Black and white portrait photography, both female and male. [Flash required]
 Meszarovits, Manuel -- Environmental portraits and urban photography.
 Metalworker Makaroff -- Gallery of nudes. 'It's not important whether the photograph came out well or not, the process of photographing is important'.
 Miller, Jesse -- Portraits of people in black and white and digital color manipulation.
 Moisey, Andrew -- Works on college fraternity life, public transportation, laundromats, and cats.
 Nakabayashi, Daisuke -- Black and white pinhole, experimental, and abstract photography mainly focused around people.
 Naudts, Filip -- Romantic, dreamy images of women. Photographer from Belgium.
 Naudts, Filip -- Female portraits with biography, reviews, and practical information.
 Norton, Kurt -- A yearly examination of family and friends in 'The' black turtleneck.
 Nye, Jenessa -- Mostly nudes and portraits, along with general photographs on different themes.
 Polge, Gilles-Henri -- Photographs of acrobats, equilibrists, contortionists, divers, and dancers.
 Powers, Jefferson -- Presents fine art, black and white figure photography.
 Rife, Carolyn -- Children's black and white, sepia and hand tinted portraits.
 Rizza, Paola -- Gallery of black and white portraits, and color polaroids.
 Roberts, David -- A collection of black and white portraits.
 Rodick, Frank -- Fine Art nudes as well as street people photography. Photographs presented in slideshows.
 Rosenwald, Shana -- Features black and white, color and digital photography. Flash required.
 Ruth, Robin -- From Los Gatos California. Portraits of children, adults, and couples.
 Schmidt, Katherine -- Portraits of children, adults, and families. [Flash required]
 Schoenfeld, Wayne -- Black and white and color nude work and people photography with biography.
 Sdika, David -- French photographer's work, primarily children, portraits and self-portraits.
 Sephton-Smith, Benjamin -- A study in angelic representation.
 Shimon, J. and Lindemann, J. -- Candid portraits of people from the small towns and rural areas of Wisconsin.
 Smyth, Darragh -- Portraits from festivals and public gatherings.
 Soth, Alex -- Includes 'State Fair Portraits' and scenes from bars. Ongoing projects added to periodically.
 Sparaco, Alicia -- Black and white photography, and polaroid images.
 Story, Mark -- Black and White Portraits of Centenarians around the world. 100 year olds and worn faces beyond their years.
 Stuart, Bob -- Images of the East End of London, portraits, and band photos from the 80s and 90s.
 Sykora, Jaro -- A dozen images of the elderly and the poor.
 Taylor, Mark -- Small collection of black and white fine art images, mainly portrait and people photography.
 Velasco, Armando -- Informal portraits and innovative female figure studies by this Mexican photographer.
 Vink, Ron -- Live concert photos of various bands and singer songwriters.
 Wang Jon -- Black & white photographs of people, some abstract, color gallery of formula 1 racing.
 Waterman, Eric -- Black and whites focusing on people in an urban environment. [Flash required]
 Wessel, Jan -- Girls, boys, cars and other models.
 Westerweel, Sebastiaan -- Portraits and artistic abstract photography.
 Wilee, Michael -- Portraits, acrobatic female nudes, and various outdoor events including religious gatherings.
 Wilson, Craig -- Documentary photographs 'on the edge of social consciousness'.
 Wray-McCann, Christopher -- Street scenes, musicians, intimate portraits, and lifestyle photographs. [Flash required]

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