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 Abbott, William -- Portraits, landscapes, seascapes, and buildings. Find artist's resume, guestbook, and links.
 Aiello, George and Joann -- Images, with historical notes, of gold rush mining in California. Includes a biography and letters on the gold rush.
 Almquist, Donald J. -- A black and white photography portfolio
 Althaus, Don -- Subjects include stock car racing, street rods and hospitals.
 Anthony, Steven -- Small collection of scenic images from Florida, and California. Also, photographs of stone cemetery memorials.
 Arinsberg, Mark -- Portrait and editorial images shot in San Francisco, New York, Chicago, Los Angeles and Ashland. Also find a biography and contact information.
 Baciar -- Photos documenting the artist's journey to Egypt. Includes a list of exhibitions, contact information, and links.
 Baciar -- The nude depicted in various modern and classical contexts. Also, a collection of black and white photos from Egypt, including some panoramic views taken with a pinhole camera.
 Bahi, Fari -- Travel, portrait, urban, candid and nude photography. Includes relevant links and contact information.
 Balla, Demeter -- Hungarian artist shows male, and female nudes, still-life images, and domestic scenes.
 Barberis, Patrick -- Still life images mainly taken across Europe. Includes links and contact information.
 Barsanti, Marco -- Nudes and landscapes gallery, biography, and contact information.
 Bauza, Marta -- Stock glamour, nude, and studio photography. Includes galleries and contact information.
 Benigno, John -- Landscapes, seascapes, and florals. Find exhibit schedules, artist's statement, and contact information.
 Benjamin, Eileen -- Specializes in black and white fine art photography, books, posters, and greeting cards of Colorado, Telluride and the Southwest.
 Beran, Jan -- Collection of photographs offering a glimpse into Czechoslovakia from 1939-1969. Includes a biography and contact information.
 Berry, John -- Fine art photos based mainly on nature and coastal scenes. Also includes contact information and a guestbook.
 Bewlay, John -- Fine art nudes, landscapes, still life and portraits. Find artist's biography and contact information.
 Bhimani, Marco Romano -- Documentary work on the punk scene in Los Angeles. Portraits, underground hip-hop figures, polaroids and band photography.
 Biagini, Luigi -- Photos centered on landscapes, portraits, sculpture, and architecture.
 Black, Toiya -- Botanical portraits and landscapes. View the artist's statement or read notes on each of the series.
 Boyle, Steven -- Monochrome images arranged into separate galleries.
 Brauchli, Byron -- Photographic series of the Mexican-American culture in monochrome. Includes poetry, reviews, biography, and student work.
 Buraud, Philippe -- Still life abstracts inspored by animals. An other perception of the real. Includes a biography, links, and contact information.
 Camp, Al -- A repository of fine art and photojournalism photography created with a western flair.
 Campus, Paolo -- Italian photographer's still lifes series and 'Windows and Doors' series. Some color work as well.
 Canoff, Mitchell -- Black and white fine art, event, weddings, and portrait photography.
 Carson, Stephanie -- Rustic still life photos. Includes a guestbook.
 Castro, Marco -- Corporate portraits, editorial images on location and in the studio. Includes the artist's statement and contact information.
 Catedral, Emmy -- The experience e-moo-la-tion project: collection of black and white photography and other works.
 Collins, Maura -- Currently three galleries, 'California Mission', 'American Southwest' and 'Los Angeles Scenes'. Also, miscellaneous photographs.
 Constable, Tim -- Medium format monochrome portraiture and landscape. Unless stated all images are hand printed and toned in the darkroom.
 Conte, Gina -- Portraits, street photography, pets, and children. Find recent work, artist information, and a contact link.
 Corvisier, Olivier -- Array of photography covering various themes. Includes links and contact information.
 Cramp, Stacey -- Photographs from Italy, Oregon, and New Orleans. Includes images of Genoa, Toscana, and Cinque Terre.
 Cronquist, Matt -- Images from the streets of Bangkok, Thailand.
 Crosby, Paul -- Rural and urban landscapes, and people.
 Crowell, Jeffrey -- Fine art prints as well as commercial architectural photography. Read the artist's biography or find contact information.
 Crumpler, Gene -- Still life and scenic photographs as well as images of Taos and Venice.
 Dankic, Dalibor -- Gallery features semi-nudes, portraits, and landscapes.
 Darwin, Robyn -- Metaphysical images and photographic memories by an artist based in the San Francisco Bay area. Find contact information and links.
 De Lattre, Jérôme -- Urban and travel photographs in monochrome, including views from North America, Europe, and Asia. Includes links and contact information.
 De Ruiter, Johan -- Photographs of cityscapes, portraits, 'winter'. Read about the artist and news relating to his work.
 De Wilde, Jerry -- Photos of famous musicians, personalities, and abstract landscapes, specializing in Jimi Hendrix and other 60's icons. Read the biography of the artist get contact information.
 DeStefano, Lorenzo -- Video stills, landscapes, and candid portraits of the people of Cuba. Includes professional biography and contact information.
 Deveson, Toby -- Landscape, documentary and portrait photography from the UK, Italy, Romania, Canada and Madagascar.
 Dienes, Louis and Amy -- Poem illustrated with thirteen photographs by poet, and photographer who studied with Eli Siegel, founder of Aesthetic Realism.
 Diniz, Pepe -- Small collections of photographs from New York, Lisbon, and Maputo, Mozambique, as well as portraits and architecture.
 Donnels, Johnny -- Urban, and rural landscapes, candid portraits, and street photography. Information on his book.
 Drucker, Jennifer -- Images of rooms, abstract landscapes, still life, and impressions of a child's daily life. Biography, resume, and links. [Requires Flash]
 Duncan, Michael -- Gallery of female form in the Oklahoma landscape. Includes the artist's statement.
 Eggers, Jonathan -- Photographs of odd details from the artist's daily life, as well as wilderness landscapes.
 Emerick, David -- Landscapes, abstracts and nudes. Some color work of urban details. Find the artist's resume, current events, and contact information.
 Emory, Bill -- Scenes, and people from rural lifestyles. Old buildings, interiors, and candid portraits.
 Ensslin, Mark -- Fine art model photography. Includes a resume, events calendar, artistic statement, and contact information.
 Erickson, Daniel -- A variety of subjects from the different seasons of New Hampshire including waterfalls, ice formations, close-ups, and various scenes from nature. Also find the artist's autobiography.
 Eriksson, Jonas -- Subjects include people, Swedish landscapes, nature and urban scenes. Includes a biography, guestbook, and links.
 Estragon -- Collection of black and white photography including portraits and events. [Arts/Photography/Photographers/Black_and_White/]
 Fafik -- Landscape, nature, cityscape and architecture photographs. Find gallery, news, and a guestbook.
 Falcke, Renee -- Portraits, fashion, famous people, and photos of Paris. Includes links, a biography, and contact information.
 Feileacan, Michelle -- Portraits, still-Lifes, and abstracts. Includes artist's resume and contact information.
 Frankenberger, Joerg -- Medium, and large format images of abandoned buildings, woodland scenes, and close-ups of natural objects.
 Galkovsky, MicHael -- A place for thoughts and images from the mind of MicHael Galkovsky; various themes.
 Gallen, Toni -- Photo-art of empty landscapes, and editorial images of people.
 Gay, Jerry -- Photo essays of people and news events from the 70's and 80's.
 Georgopoulou, Patty -- Night, people, and summer related photos. Also includes poetry, a guestbook, links, and contact information.
 Gilbert, Douglas R. -- Fine art landscape and urban photography. Includes the artist's resume and upcoming events.
 Gordon, Ed -- Fine art nudes and figure photography. Photographic workshops, contact information, and calls for maodels.
 Gudkova, Iryna -- Images of Saint Petersburg through the seasons, home, ordinary things, and events of every day life in Russia.
 Gurka, Anton -- Black and white portrait art. Subjects include bad guys, athletes, bands, and bikes.
 Gustafson, Ben -- Architectural, nature, landscape and still life photography, from Massachusetts, California and Europe.
 Hadzinikitas, Eric -- Galleries of Siberia, people, and landscapes. Contact information included.
 Hafner, Sven -- Industrial, people, landscapes, and panorama photos. Includes links, biography, and a guestbook.
 Hanano, Fumio -- Mindscapes, cityscapes, and fine art nudes; from Japan.
 Hankins, Steve -- Landscape, nature, travel, and wedding photography. Includes relevant links and contact information.
 Henniquant, Pierre -- Fine art portraits and photojournalism.
 Herstein, Jamie -- Primarily of NYC, and baseball.
 Hickerson, Jason -- Shows a small collection of portraits, statues, landscapes, and abstract images.
 Hockx, Hans -- Architecture and street photography of areas in the Netherlands. Includes an artist biography, contact information, and sources of inspiration.
 Hoeben, Bas -- Landscape, still life, portrait, and abstract images by a Dutch artist.
 Hoffman, Jill -- Hand painted photos from the late 1970's and early 1980's. Also a collection of photo realism paintings.
 Holljes, Deborah -- Black and white photographs of the Wissahickon Valley, floral and botanical, and portraits.
 Holomíèek, Bohdan -- People and location images by the Czech artist.
 Horton, Matthew -- Exhibited fashion and portrait photography of landscapes, nudes, Angels, seascapes, architecture, and celebrities. Find biography, contact information, and links.
 Howell, Mark -- Abstracts, landscapes, plants, and architecture photography. Artist's biography, contact information, and links included.
 Hurst, Richard -- Still life and fine art photography.
 Iksodas, Nad -- Fine art, glamour, figure photography. Some landscapes from Northwest Ohio.
 Ingram, Keeshi -- People, abstracts, and a series on Mid-America. Some color.
 Iwahashi, Yoshikazu -- Abstract photography of people and areas of Japan. Includes news, biography, and a guestbook.
 Jacobs, Cheryl -- Portraits and fine art prints of people, primarily children. Read about the artist and current projects.
 Jaffe, Henry -- Showing work from the last twenty years. Travel photographs from Japan, and Italy, informal portraits, landscapes and panoramic imagery.
 Janca -- Landscape photographs, street scenes, nudes, and portraiture.
 Janecki, Pawel -- Females, places, and music. Images of Malaga, Spain are a speciality. Some color work.
 Jedlicka, Jan -- Still life, landscape, and portrait photography. Discussion group, and a list of Czech photo galleries.
 Jones, Scott -- Fine art photography including landscapes, abstracts, urban, and environmental themes. Find a biography, links, and a contact form.
 Joplin, Megan -- Documentary, street, editorial and fine art photography. Street photography includes Seattle, New York and Harlem.
 Jordan, Christopher James -- A site showcasing the landscape work of Christopher James Jordan
 Jordan, Michael -- Fine art photographs of East Texas. Landscapes, architecture and people. Requires Flash plug-in.
 Kahn, Michael -- Fine art boat photography, and seascapes.
 Kallina, Jean -- Widely exhibited and collected New York City photographer. Portraits, and still lifes.
 Karafyllakis, Steve -- Landscapes from Florida and the Southwestern United States, still life images of Calla Lilies, and female nudes in natural settings.
 Karpinski, Christy -- People and their urban and rural surroundings. Includes work from the series Invisible and Elmer's Barn.
 Kassir, Tawfiq -- Features images of architecture, city scenes, and male nudes. Includes a short biography and contact information.
 Keating, Francis -- Landscapes, architecture, people, and portraitures. Includes a biography of the artist, background on the photos, and contact information.
 Keating, Karen -- Black and white photography of people in Cuba. Infrared photography of Washington DC.
 Kerner, Sid -- Fine art photography of people, classic NY scenes, and Portugal.
 Kingsley, Noel -- Monochrome photographs of trees and portraiture.
 Kittelberger, Jason -- Black and white fine art photography based out of Houston, Texas. View the latest images and learn the technique behind each photograph.
 Klima, Martin -- Street photographs, urban scenes, people and landscapes. Provides a biography and links.
 Korte, David -- Photographs of the natural environment, urban situations, archaeological mysteries, figure studies. Silver-gelatin and sepia-toned images.
 Kosc, Zbigniew -- Black and white panoramic photographs of Cairo and ruins of ancient Egypt .
 Kosoff, Brian -- Landscape and still life images mainly in black and white,with listings of exhibitions.
 Kozal, Paul -- Landscapes, seascapes, and architecture photography of the American West and Southwest. Includes site news and contact information.
 Krakovich, Dmitriy -- Photos of New York women. Contact information available.
 Kramp, Alain -- Landscapes from Brittany, macros of leaves, and completely abstract images of odd, natural formations.
 Krokidis, Stathis -- Scenes from an abandoned factory, female nudes, and Greek landscapes. Also, color landscapes of Monemvasia.
 Krueger, David -- Urban scenes from cities around the United States. Also, featuring glamour images and female nudes.
 Lamb, Steve -- Fine art, portraits, landscapes and candid.
 Lavat, Pericles -- Mexican photographer's site; architecture, and people.
 Leal, Rey -- Portrait photography exploring Mexican culture.
 Lech, Andrzej -- Sepia toned landscapes, candid portraits, and semi-abstract details from home and street. Also, galleries including pinhole images and polaroid transfers.
 Leclercq, Joel -- Subjects include nature, factories, Africa, and people. Find news, links, and contact information.
 LeHuray, Steve -- Street Photography from various cities. Also themed galleries of the Vietnam wall and various protests.
 Lei, Raymond -- People and their living surroundings in New York, Boston, and Philadelphia. Includes contact information for the artist.
 Levy, Bernard -- Architechure, landscapes, and street scenes. Includes a Portfolio, artist biography, links, and contact information.
 Lewandowski, Eric -- Panoramic views of piers and harbors ('The fringe between land and sea') by Boston-based photographer.
 Lightner, Malcolm -- Editorial, documentary, architectural, and still life photos.
 Longbottom, David -- Landscape, portrait, and still life images.
 Lopez, Gianni -- NYC scenes, portraits, nudes and landscapes.
 Lowry, Alexander -- People, urban, wildlife, and landscape photography.
 Lundberg, David E. -- Features female figure studies, flowers, portraiture, and fashion photographs.
 Lyman, Robert -- Mysterious scenes from ruined buildings done in platinum and silver.
 Lyons, Patricia -- Abstract, and still life images of surface textures, and found objects.
 Mammana, Marcelo -- Black and white underwater photography. Portfolio, artist biography, links, and contact information.
 Marchese, Michele -- Various themes; portraits, landscapes, nudes.
 Martin, Antony -- An online gallery of fine art photography by the UK based artist. Subjects include boats, churches, and architechture.
 Martino, Fabio -- Mainly monochrome photographs of natural and man-made landscapes, objects, and environmental portraits.
 McCarthy, Michael -- Travel and nude photography as well as abstract photography and printmaking. Find a biography, exhibition list, and contact information.
 McDougall, Duncan -- Scenic photographs of landscapes and buildings from the United Kingdom, Greece, and the Western United States.
 McMaster, Peter -- A continuing exhibition of personal photographs. Includes portraiture, animal and landscape photography. Based in Glasgow, Scotland.
 Mendelson, Jonathan -- Black and white pictures of friends, and Maine landscapes.
 Mendes, David -- Architecture, objects, infrared, and travel photos in monochrome.
 Merritt, Aaron -- Surrealistic photographs from around the world, both urban and natural landscapes.
 Messer, Fiona -- Subjects include travel, landscapes, and crows. Includes an artist biography and contact information.
 Metz, Christine -- Urban impressions and people in the mirror, combined with poetry.
 Michelson, Eric -- Surrealist views of people and human life presented in a slide show.
 Murray, Brian -- Portfolio themes include New York, Alaska, trains, buildings, plants, and animals. Icnlcudes a biography, wallpaper size images, links, and contact information.
 Muzenchi, Laura -- Scenes from her home's interior, a working diner, and travel in Portugal.
 Nathenson, Howard -- Large format black and white still life, landscape and abstract photography of nature and architecture.
 Neiman, Bob -- Nature and architecture photography. Includes a biography, show information, and articles.
 Neumann, Marlene -- South African photographer specialising in photography from Namibia, Eastern Cape, Wild Coast, Italy, Greece, and France.
 Neumann, Marlene -- Photographic art collection of intimate images, African landscapes, and wildlife. Includes artist's biography and contact information.
 Nicholls, Steve -- Semi-abstract landscapes, and images of modern sculptures, and stone buildings from South Australia.
 Nixon, Jeff -- Large format photographs of Yosemite, Big Sur, and other California locations. Also includes tutorials and information on workshop programs.
 O'Brien, Katherine -- A series of photographs of New York's Lower East Side. Also, travel images taken with toy cameras.
 Oakes, Tari -- Portfolio of existing light photography. Find contact information and links.
 Osborne, Christopher J. -- Photographs of city details, streets, and landscapes from Scotland, England, Spain, and the United States. Includes a searchable database of photographic resources, with emphasis on the United Kingdom.
 Osuchowski, Peter -- A portfolio of fine art, street, and portrait photography, including excerpts from ongoing documentary and other series by the artist.
 Owens, Paul -- Nature images primarily focused in Florida. Site offers links, contact information, and upcoming shows.
 Paradise, Megan -- Hand-developed photos of New York, people and outdoor subjects.
 Parkos, January -- Quilt photographs in monochrome.
 Parmar, Jug -- Photography in various themes, and exhibition details.
 Philippos, Panagiotou -- Images of Italy and people. Also includes short films and a short biography.
 Plowden, David -- Photographing America's rural traditions, and people since the late fifties.
 Politis, Paul -- Photographs of people, places, and things. Also, Cuba, nudes, and night series'.
 Pomykalski, Jacek -- Images of nudes, portraits, and cityscapes by a Polish photographer, mostly in black and white.
 Poulsen, Kenneth -- Portfolio of nude and abstract photography. Includes a slidshow of images and contact information.
 Primiano, Dwight -- Handcrafted portfolios presented in an autobiographical narrative sequence. Commercial fine art and architectural photography and documentation.
 Procko, Stephen F. -- Landscapes, plants, flowers, and details from stone, and adobe buildings, primarily from the southern United States. Adobe Acrobat published portfolios available for download.
 Putorti, Michael F. -- Black and white landscape, still life, nudes, and portraits. Also, surreal color digital images.
 Redler, Stuart -- Shows photographs that interpret the world in stark geometry and bold contrasting tones. Themes include landscapes, travel and architecture.
 Robbennolt, Linda -- Photographic portfolios of portrait, location, and documentary work telling stories that cross the boundaries of fine art, editorial and commercial.
 Rolandelli, Ernesto -- Selected cityscapes and landscapes in monochrome.
 Rosenthal, Ken -- Abstract images of plants, and the zoo. Series of portraits taken at the Los Angeles National Cemetery between 1987 and 1992.
 Rothera, Mij -- Abstract images of old children's toys and figurines. Contact information included.
 Sassaki, Roger -- Selection of b/w location, portrait, and music photography.
 Sato, Tatsuya -- Portfolio of images including people, animals, the landscapes of various countries around the world. Includes a guestbook, slideshow, and contact information.
 Saunders, charles -- A collection of many photographs covering a variety of themes.
 Sawtell, Alexander -- A profoundly engaging and provocative journey through a pampered man's conscience.
 Schau, Teri -- Collections titled 'Young Graces', 'Skulls', and 'Musicians'.
 Schaub, Adrian -- Photos focusing on nature, architecture and quite places.
 Schimmel, Thorsten -- Black and white image gallery with instructions, techniques, and articles from photography magazines.
 Schneider, Matt -- Figure studies, landscapes, ghost towns and architecture.
 Sellberg, Ingrid -- Architecture, Travels, and Portraits. Also, some macro color images of plants and flowers. Pencil drawings by the artist included on last page.
 Sewtz, Gabriele -- Nature and urban landscapes.
 Sigrid, Jakob -- Features portraits and landscapes.
 Sillars, Matt -- Small collection of Scottish landscapes, and examples of his commissioned portraits. Lists his current, and past exhibits.
 Simajchlova, Jirina -- Portraits and monumental landscapes in Tibet.
 Simon -- Collection of junkyard photos in the Popgun Gallery.
 Sink, Mark -- Recent images. A small collection of flowers and nudes.
 Smith, Ken -- Female nudes photographed in the studio, and in natural settings. Also, still life images of organic forms, and landscapes, some hand-colored.
 Soames, Sally -- Black and white portraits.
 Souther, Ben -- Available light black and white nighttime cityscapes, and a collection of portraits.
 Stafford, Paul -- Documentary black & white photographs of Cuba & Peru. Includes background information, notes, archives, and an artist biography.
 Stein, Michael -- Photographs of France and the western United States, female nudes, and close-ups of flowers.
 Steiner, Andreas -- mateur photographer based in Zurich, Switzerland, presents a small collection of his work.
 Stevenson, Gordon -- Features pictures of Australia's east coast landscapes and inner city Sydney.
 Stock Still Gallery Images -- A collection of photojournalistic black and white images created by stock photographer Brian Dyson.
 Stone, Peter J -- A collection of portrait, landscape, building & general photography mainly in B&W. Also includes early printing techniques.
 Strix, S. -- Black and white street photography, and military images. Some authentic WWW II photos.
 Sudek, Josef -- Featuring still life and garden photography of this Czech artist.
 Sudo, Hidesawa -- People, personalities, and landscapes from Japan and Korea.
 Sullivan, Darren -- People and architecture, both abstract and conventional.
 Szabo, Marilyn -- People, portraits, and still life. Also, a biography and a list of exhibitions.
 Tenaglia, Marco -- Fine art fashion photography. Include an artist biography and contact information.
 Tenenev, Vitaly -- Surreal photography of the people and places of Russia. Also, some colour images.
 Terraneo, Beniamino -- Images of landscapes and rural homes. Also find exhibitions, books, and biography.
 Thomas, Julian -- Features photographs from his 'The Found Objects' project, as well as explorations of Barcelona with a toy camera.
 Tischler, Sam Devine -- Landscapes, portraits, and still lifes. Find news on exhibitions and workshops.
 Toedter, Robert -- Portfolio of monochrome and colored photographs. Includes images of the Long Island Expressway. [Requires Flash]
 Tolley, James -- Four photographic portfolios featuring images of Guatemala, Bali, New Mexico, and Monument Valley. Also find motion picture examples and a biography.
 Toomin, Peter -- A collection of landscape, urban architecture, and portraits. Also includes contact information.
 Traver, Michael -- Small collection of scenes from Florida beaches, and informal portraits of people.
 Tremblay, Guy -- Images of landscapes, portraits, and still lifes. Find biography of the artist, statement, or contact information.
 Tucker, Nic -- Travel, nudes, portraits and the classic themes. Thirty years of photography.
 Urbain, Thierry -- Photographs of architecture, archaeology, and landscape from the ancient Mesopotamia.
 Van Dongen, Ron -- Still life images of flowers, and vegetables. Information on availability of his monographs.
 Vandepitte, Paul -- Landscapes, architecture, nudes, portraits, and children by this Dutch black and white photographer.
 Vogel, Amanda -- Images include portraits, infrared landscapes, and still life.
 Warren, David -- Still life and street photography portfolio. Includes contact information and exhibition information.
 Wehde, Dieter W -- Website of the German Leica-Photographer shows portraits, street-photography, landscapes, people all over the world and Fine Art Photography.
 Weingourt, Gilbert D. -- Specializing in celebrities, musicians, and images of the 1960's.
 Werkmeister, Janosch -- Nocturnal landscapes and abandoned towns of the American West. Includes a hostory on the work and contact information.
 Wettach, A.M. -- Photography of the daily lives of Midwestern farm families in the mid-20th century. Biography, events listing, and a contact form.
 Whitacre, Carole -- Black and white and color photography of portraits, still life, nature, landscapes and photo essays.
 White, Wynn -- Examples of his work, as well as information on film development, printing, and toning.
 Willinghton, William -- Social reportage and landscape photography. Include artist biography and contact information.
 Willis, John -- Showcases images of aging people in nursing homes, babies, underwater scenes, the remains of a State Hospital for the Insane, and found still life photographs. Includes artist statement, biography, and a list of exhibitions.
 Wingo, Tony -- Fine art photography of landscapes, textures, shapes and shadows, as well as urban walls and windows, and industrial subjects. Also offers a couple of infrared pinhole images.
 Wintercry Gallery -- Artistic portraits, and female nudes. Also, a small collection of landscapes.
 Wolf, J. Howard -- A portfolio of achitectural images taken in Portugal and India. Includes a biography, techniques, and a mailing list.
 Wolfarth, Jean-Charles -- Landscapes, strange trees, cemeteries, and sculpture from France. Site is in English, and French.
 Yamrus, Frank -- Motion, portrait, and flower images. Also contains biography and contact information.
 Zalecki, Sebastian -- Fine art nudes and erotic images. Includes contact information.
 Zalecki, Sebastian -- Nudes, portraits, people on the street, architecture, landscapes, and still lifes.

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