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Nikon Capture Software, Version 4.3

Selected Ad
Category: Digital Imaging
Title: Nikon Capture Software, Version 4.3
Ad Number: 234
Date Posted: 9/24/2005
Contact: Habib Abdul
37 New Oxford Street
London, AL WC1A 1BH
Telephone: +44(0)207-240-6774

Nikon Capture Software, Version 4.3

What would taking photos be like if you didn't have to worry about your camera settings? With the incredible power of Capture 4.3 and Nikon Electronic Format (NEF), you'll find that it's simple.

Using the latest technology, it alters images while preserving their original quality.

Traditionally, one of the most popular ways to save a digital photo is as a JPEG. It's quick, simple, and compresses your file to a significantly smaller size. It's so simple that most digital cameras automatically use this format to save pictures. But by saving a photo as a JPEG, you sacrifice quality. And if you edit the photo and resave it as a JPEG, you lose even more quality.

The only way to maintain maximum quality is to shoot in RAW format. This gives you an untouched, impeccable digital image. Plus, with Capture, you can edit your photos without reducing their quality. When you open an NEF file in Capture, your changes aren't immediately applied to the original file. Instead, Capture saves your changes as an Instruction Set. So, when you are ready to apply them, Capture reprocesses your image with each correction. The result is a stunning photo with impeccable quality-every time!

Instruction Set Storage

Capture supports NEF files native to Nikon Digital SLR cameras. This includes Nikon's newest D2H camera. Nikon's cameras record all settings and image parameters in the NEF file when you snap an image. Capture is the only software available that uses this Instruction Set information as part of an NEF file.

Image Editing

With Capture, you can tweak, edit, and alter your images with ease. And you can actually archive the editing effects! You can later apply these same effects to other images. Capture also saves your original, RAW image data. So, you can edit the same picture more than once without sacrificing quality.

Most digital cameras only capture 8-bit images. Nikon's Digital SLR cameras capture 12-bit images in NEF mode. And only Capture can then convert your NEF files into 16-bit images, allowing you to achieve better color without compromising quality - no matter what format you choose to convert to. With its innovative features, Capture allows you to alter almost any part of your photograph. It's almost as if you were reshooting the image!

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